Leafly Gives High There! Top Most Rating Among 420 Friendly Dating Apps!

Sacramento, CALeafly, one of the internet’s leading, and most trusted, website resources on all matters to do with cannabis, recently rated High There! as the best 420 dating app around. Leafly often undertakes reviews on various products and services in the Cannabis industry. This was their first time reviewing Cannabis-oriented dating apps. High There! was given the top spot mainly due to its interactiveness, ease of use, and the ability to filter potential matches through multiple options.

“We are excited about the rating review by Leafly!” said Rosie, a PR representative of High There!. “Being rated as the best dating app for Cannabis users reinforces our standing and proves to us that we are indeed on the right track. Our goal is, among other things, to help connect people in the Cannabis industry. It doesn’t matter if they consume Cannabis for recreational purposes or for medical reasons. Leafly is a huge brand in the Cannabis online world and this rating will go a long way in adding to our brand’s authority and popularity.”

High There! has received a lot of recognition both in the Cannabis industry and in the mobile app industry due to its bold niche target. It was one of the very first apps designed to link Cannabis users together for dating purposes. The app has been featured by tens of media outlets all around the US. The development of the app drew a lot of curiosity and media speculation. Now, many months down the line, the app only seems to be getting more popular.

There are not very many dating apps designed for Cannabis consumers. There are probably less than ten of them so far, with only about half that number having a decent number of users. Most app developers focus on the mainstream market where there is a bigger pool of users and a bigger market pie to share. However, with the recent raft of Cannabis legalizations, the Marijuana industry is on the up and up and is set to rake in billions of dollars in revenue annually. This means that dating apps such as High There! stand to gain immensely in this new bold frontier.

Traditionally, Cannabis users were a segregated lot. They only knew each other in small closely-knit circles of friends, co-workers, school mates, and so on. However, with the advent of Cannabis-oriented apps, marijuana users can now link up seamlessly or make like-minded friends across the globe with just the swipe of a finger.

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