Using Apps To Find Friends After A Move

Using Apps To Find Friends After A Move

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Today, social media has already successfully reshaped the way we interact with our friends.  Back in the old ages, communication was always done face to face. Some decades back, (public) phones were all the rage.  Today, thanks to cheap data and fast internet connectivity, mobile phone apps are the in thing.  So if you’ve lost touch with your buddies after a move or separation, apps may be the key to reconnecting with them once again.

Why apps?

You might be wondering – why apps? Well, there are a number of reasons that make apps the very best way to seek out lost contacts:

  • Most people have apps on their phones. Thanks to the prevalence of smart phones, almost everyone today has at least one social media app. This increases the chances of being able to connect with people significantly.
  • You don’t need phone contacts. If you had the phone contacts of your friends, you’d simply call them. However, when you don’t, apps are a good option because you can use them even without applying phone numbers.
  • It’s easy. Seeking out old connections via apps is easy. You just need to download an app and start searching. You can do it from anywhere. And you don’t even need to travel or start calling people who you think may have a lead on your subject(s).
  • It’s cheap. All you need is internet data. You won’t need to spend on talk time, gas, air tickets, local ads, etc.
How to go about it

Using apps to reach out to people you’ve lost contact with can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Download a social media app.  Just head over to Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for the latest or most popular social media apps.  Most are free so you may not spend a cent.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded your app, create your profile and add your photo so that other people can recognize you from your profile/page.
  3. Once done, start searching. Some apps will even allow you to input search criteria such as age bracket, location or gender of the people you want to connect with. This should help you narrow down your search tremendously. From here all you have to do is swipe as you look for your lost connections, and as you make new ones in the process.
  4. Once you find the person you’re looking for, simply exchange contacts and rekindle your friendship.
  5. If you’re not successful, simply try another app.


Tips on how to successfully reconnect through apps

  1. Start with the app you think (or know) they are likely to be using. For example, if your lost contact loves to toke, your first option should be to use the High There! App as it’s the no.1 app for Cannabis users.
  2. Another tip is to apply nicknames where possible. For apps where people are allowed to use such names, searching your contacts through their nick names can help you cut through the search process.
  3. Another trick you can use is to search for your lost contacts through your mutual friends. This is best applied when you can’t seem to find your contacts directly, perhaps when they have changed their name or nick name.

So yes, social media apps are great to trace and reconnect with your friends or old flames! They can also help you meet new friends after your big move. Apps like High There! can help you find friends with similar interests and you might bump into some old friends as well. If you are a cannabis user for any reason or just a friend to the cannabis community, please download the High There! app and start meeting like-minded individuals near you!

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