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Bongs are the alternatives to pipes and blunts for weed smoking. Originating from Thai, bongs are basically cylindrical water pipes. The bongs give you the best smoking experience because the smoke travels a long distance while the heat is cooled.

Basically, a bong should have a bowl, a joint, a downstem, a smoker chamber, and a carb. But this article is not about the basics, it’s about the badass bongs!

Here are some accessories which will turn your bong into one badass instrument for toking. But first, let us see the common materials for bongs.

Different bong materials

You can choose glass, acrylic, bamboo, and ceramic bongs.

Acrylic bongs

Acrylic bongs are your best option when you’re a beginner, on a budget, looking for a variety of colors, and want to travel. They are easy to clean and cannot break easily. However, they are not heat resistant and they may give you an unwanted taste.

Glass bongs

Now, if you are a cannabis veteran, you might want to try the glass bong. With this water pipe, you need extra care as it can break easily. They give you a great taste, unique designs, and are easy to clean. Their transparency also allows you to check on the water.

Bamboo bongs

The bamboo water pipes are easy to carry, give a pure taste, and can last you a lifetime. If you choose to go with the wooden bong, be ready to spend extra time cleaning them.

Ceramic bongs

Compared to the glass bongs, ceramic water pipes are less expensive and can take in more heat. They will give you a fun experience since they are easy to clean and give a great taste.

Bong accessories

  1. Diffuser stems

Your smoking experience improves when the smoke is cool. The diffuser stems disperse your smoke to a greater surface area. Then they cool the smoke before it reaches the water.

  1. Percolators

Percolators are your go-to accessories for a smoother smoke. The perks give your smoke extra diffusion and filtration. They can either be inbuilt or they can be connected from outside.

  1. Ash catchers

Ash catchers are attached exterior to the bong. Just like their name, ash catchers prevent ash and resin from getting to your bong. This makes the bong easy to clean.

  1. Reclaimer

To catch more resin and oil, the reclaimer is a must-have accessory. They are usually attached to the bong.

  1. Ice catchers

Take your smoking experience to another level with the inbuilt ice catcher. The smoke travels over the ice and is cooled further to give you a better experience.

  1. Domes

Domes are useful in preventing you from inhaling the vapor. They do so by directing the vapor away from the mouth piece to the water filter.

  1. Joint genders

Yes, bongs attachments have genders! The joint genders help you match the female and male parts.

  1. Drop down

With the many accessories available, it is easy to overwhelm your bong. That’s when you need the drop down to bring your accessories to the base of the bong and make it lighter.

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