Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours

photo of a a sign that says "welcome to colorful Colorado"
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Ever wanted to have the most epic and high experience of your life? I’m talking an experience that will leave you awed like a ten-year old that just had her first Disney World experience. Then the Colorado Cannabis tour is your to go place. Why Colorado, you may ask. Well, Colorado is like Vegas for stoners. It’s a no-holds-barred for the high community. Colorado is literally a cannabis paradise. And the Colorado cannabis tour is undeniably the world’ s largest marijuana tour.

Whether you are a newbie in the world of cannabis or an “ OG” in this life, Colorado cannabis tours have a little something for everyone. You get to meet and mingle with different people from different races and backgrounds, who have one thing in common; love for Mary Jane. You get to experience the life of a stoner from different perspectives, and in a no-judgement environment. You get to try out new buds, different levels of THC, and of course, different highs. Music, open air, good company, snacks in case of munchies, and all you can smoke weed collection. How dare someone say heaven doesn’t exist?

Here are some of the great destinations you get to visit and experience on the Colorado Cannabis Tour.

Colorado Springs

This is a real life Cannabis-club at the heart of Colorado springs. It is run by a 20-year-old resident. Excite your wild side by indulging in this entertainment brothel. Enjoy visiting the garden of Gods Park and later grab a snack in Manitou Springs and finish off at the breathtaking indoor garden with “high spots”. The cool thing is that if you’re not a nature lover, there’s a virtual reality helmet for you, so you don’t actually have to go out in the wild. All this go for about $175.


Jump inside customized tour buses with weed ventilation outlets. Yes, you heard me right; weed ventilation vents. Indulge yourself in a wide range of activities including cross stitching and glass blowing. Keep in mind, you’re doing all this, while high. Tour guides and extra options are also available. Tickets sell for $249.


This is a weed lover’ s delight for people that are not all about wild parties. It’s a more chilled out resort where you get to enjoy skiing, hot springs, and hidden trailheads. You get to enjoy a good puff all through the tour, with complimentary weed sticks from the tour guide group. All you need is a crew of about five people, and you are in for a good time. It goes for $650.

Mile High Limo Tours

This is a Pimp’ s experience situated in Denver town. The limousines are cheap enough for most stoners to hire and experience an almost luxurious high life for close to a whole afternoon. The limos are long enough to accommodate a group of five. Have you ever hot-boxed in a limousine? I bet not. Well, here’s your golden chance.  You get to tour the hot spots of the town, on cloud nine. Enjoy the concert stops and casino trips for as little as $219.

Don’t forget to connect with your buds on HighThere! app to find someone to tour with.  The more the merrier.  Have a great experience and share your stories from your tour on High There!

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