Cannabis Current Events

Cannabis Current Events

cannabis current events
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If there’s one thing you can always count on, marijuana will always be a big topic in the news. From legalizing to medicinal there’s so many trends and issues that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. However, we at High There always have our eye on what’s trending within the industry. Our reporters and bloggers do too, and this week we give the breakdown for the Cannabis Current Events in our Flower News.

Walnut Creek, CA

Residents had an opportunity to include their two cents in the East Bay Times with a survey with over 1500 participants. They expressed issues centered around Mary-Jane including the use of recreational dope to be allowed to be smoked both indoors and out. They also found 80% of the voters preferred users to indulge in the same places as cigarette smoke. Marijuana is currently legal for medical purposes only in the Golden State. To read the full article, click here:

St. Petersburg, FL

The Sunshine State continues to struggle with completing its legalization of Marijuana for medical only. It seems the lawmakers and senators can’t make up their minds and organize the placement of dispensaries across the Floridian Borders. However, Senator Jeff Brandes is pushing to get this industry started by requesting another meeting or special session regarding the matter. Lobbyists are blamed for killing the bill in the state to close or have strict regulation when it comes to med cannabis. This is a shame, as it would help so many people in need.  You can read more in The Sunshine State News.

Lakewood, CO

The Rocky Mountain company Veedverks made their press this week by being the center of attention for being removed from Nascar Driver, Carl Longs vehicle. Spokesperson from Nascar insisted the Veedverks logo to be removed as it didn’t represent the organization in a positive light. However, Veedverks who manufactures vape pens used for cannabis oil, said they will still sponsor the driver regardless. Great company, for having some Rocky Mountain Oysters to go along with their agreement to Long. You can take a peek at their story at Sporting News.

Las Vegas, NV

Insurance may eventually cover the use of medical marijuana. This news is coming out of the Reno Gazette-Journal. The other great news for residents living in the state is pot will be legal for recreational use in July of this year. The article goes on to say they will make it easier for things like card renewal and the residents won’t have to pay the fee for the card. Excellent progress is being made there and will obviously continue.

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