Recycle Your Stems Using These Amazing Tips

We’ve all been there, sifting through stems and seeds to get to the good stuff.  When you live the cannabis lifestyle, chances are you’ve probably thrown away one of the best parts of the plant that can be used for other things such as teas and butter.  This week we’re giving you a few tips on how to recycle your stems and turn this anatomy of the plant into something valuable.

  1. Recipe for Tea
  2. Recipe for Butter Using Stems
  3. Use as an Anti-inflammatory Topical Solution for Cuts & Scrapes
  4. Use as a Skin Care Solution for Acne and Psoriasis
  5. Use as a Lube for Sex

When it comes to using the stems to create tea it’s very simple.  To make with just a few items.  According to the folks at www.marijuana .com, blogger Allie Becket reveals her secret recipe and how to infuse stems turning it into a fantastic tea that tastes great and leaves you with a mellow buzz afterwards. Check out her awesome recipe.

Next, using stems to make butter is not only a great way to recycle these little sticks, but it’s also an ingredient you’ll use for a multitude of other recipes.  In an article found on Hawaii Cannabis Times, they give a breakdown on how to make this butter that’s painless and can be used to make pot brownies and a whole slew of other great dishes.

In addition to making butter or tea, stems can be used for medicinal purposes too. In fact if you follow the Weedist, they suggest brewing rubbing alcohol with stems and using this as a topical solution to treat minor scrapes and cuts. You can also use this for certain rashes where an anti-inflammatory substance is needed.

Besides the great treatment for cuts, scrapes and skin rashes, Acne and Psoriasis can also be treated by administering the same type of solution, only blend the stems with witch hazel or rosewater to keep from drying out the skin.

Lastly, Weedly News offers an excellent tip on creating a lube made with stems and organic coconut oil.  The THC is said to enhance the sexual experience as it’s addressing the organs directly. The last part of the article points out the pleasure for the men is eating the lubricant and gaining a cool buzz in the process of the act.

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