Cannabis to Cure What Ails You

In most cases, marijuana is grouped in the category of outlawed drugs and is not often associated with any positive outcome.  Cannabis users are usually shunned, leading to many using the drug in secret, especially if they reside in states where it has not been legalized – yet.  Even so, it is quickly becoming accepted in the medical world as an alternative treatment to illnesses that have overwhelmed modern medicine.  Medical marijuana as it is often referred to, involves the use of basic extracts of the plant or unprocessed cannabis to treat various symptoms of diseases and related conditions.

Although cannabis contains a number of chemicals that can be used for medical treatment, it is still illegal in many states in the US.  Its curative potential cannot be denied with a variety of surveys indicating that physicians find its use in treatment of several ailments beneficial for both the short and long term.  Nevertheless, the uses of weed are many in medical circles with the most common ones listed below.


Cannabis has a sleep-inducing effect on its users which makes it an ideal drug for patients suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.  The drug, which can be administered via smoking, edibles or dabbing is an effective sleep aid even for healthy individuals that may need assistance with getting a good night’s rest. However, it is important to regulate the dose to avoid the risk of using a lot especially if it has not been prescribed by a doctor.

Nausea relief

Nausea is common for patients suffering from life threatening diseases such as cancer or AIDS because of the intense treatment they go through.  To eliminate the nausea and stop the vomiting, they are given pills that contain THC, which is the chemical compound found in cannabis.  The medication is approved by FDA and provides much-needed relief to cancer patients regardless of its current stage.

Stimulates appetite

Patients that lose their appetite because of treatment, as well as healthy individuals, are usually given cannabis as an appetite stimulant.  The THC in the medication has the ability to boost a person’s appetite thus giving them a chance to eat well and gain weight which is essential for a healthy lifestyle.  However, it is advisable to seek medical advice before using it to boost your appetite.

Pain reliever

Majority of cannabis users indicate that it is great for pain relief and often eliminates the discomfort within a short time period.  In hospitals, the drug is often used to treat pain that has affected certain nerves as well as neuropathic pain.  Also, cannabis does not put patients at risk of getting addicted to its use when compared to mainstream opiate drugs that can lead to an overdose or a life of addiction.

The ability of cannabis to cure various ailments cannot be denied. Nevertheless, it is important for users to seek professional help before using cannabis to cure various ailments to use the right doses, strains, and amounts.

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