How Women Are Affecting the Cannabis Industry

How Women Are Affecting the Cannabis Industry

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For most people, when one hears of marijuana, they picture college boys and mid-aged men with a joint and a lighter in their hands.  It is almost never about a woman.  Just like beer, cannabis is perceived as a male-oriented lifestyle.  But, this is the 21st century.  And to top it all, it’s 2017. Women are not being left behind, at all!

Women have finally found a voice of their own, spearheaded by renown female celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Martha Stewart, Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox and even Oprah Winfrey. These female celebrities are perceived as feminists and voices for women empowerment. Their choice to publicly acknowledge that they use cannabis has in recent past created a wave of society being more receptive to women using marijuana as much as men do.

There is, of course, the use of marijuana for fun or casual purposes, but more women are openly reaching out to dealers for cannabis, owing to the benefits weed have on women. Such include:

  1. Reproductive Health

Research by the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation has proven that cannabis has medicinal properties, effective for treating endometriosis among other female reproductive health issues.

  1. Menopause

Woman with history of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and heart disease have a harder time dealing with menopause. They cannot undergo estrogen replacement therapy due to risk factors. However, cannabis has been proven to be an optimal substitute for estrogen replacement therapy.

  1. Better Sex

Women take sex more deeply than men do. It’s all about emotion, passion, intimacy, and meaningful sex. Studies have shown that women using cannabis experience better sex with all the mentioned attributes. Also, weed has proven to create longer and more intense orgasms in women.

Such are just but a few reasons why women are openly using cannabis today. The ripple effect of this is mostly felt by the cannabis industry. Here is how women are affecting the cannabis industry today:

  1. Push for Legalization

The health benefits of cannabis on women has seen major women-based organizations create campaigns in a bid to legalize weed in some states. A good percentage of large organizations have women in executive positions. Being in an authoritative seat paves way for women helping women groups and forums. It is a major stride on the women’s part and for the cannabis industry.

  1. Higher Sales

Apart from celebrity endorsement to weed, women are perceived as the world’s check point, and especially mothers. Society has a pre-set mentality that moms are always right. As more women accept smoking weed, so does the world. After all, “Mommy is always right”. The cannabis industry opens to a wider market base.

  1. Increased Investment

Women entrepreneurs have recently directed their investments towards the weed business. This is especially in states where marijuana has been recently legalized. It poses an opportunity to make cash from selling cannabis, and especially because of the high-income weed brings. Moreover, the field is rather new on the legal basis, posing little or no competition.

  1. Cosmetic Use

The product base of cannabis industry has expanded thanks to women’s demand for cannabis beauty products and cosmetics. Cannabis is now used to make shampoos, lip balms, soaps, and creams, among others.

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