Celebrities With A Cause

The medical benefits of cannabis are not a new concept.  Although not accepted in all states, celebrities have come forward to tell their personal stories and testimonials of using medicinal cannabis in a bid not only to create awareness but also as their personal contribution to society as a drive to the current push to legalize weed in the states where its considered illegal.

Check out a few celebrities below and their causes.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

The host of the TV show The View was diagnosed with Glaucoma, a disease that damages the optical nerves and may lead to blindness if advanced. The condition is a painful experience, often subjecting the patient to pain meds. Whoopi, in a column she wrote last year called “My vape pen and I, a love story, opened up to how weed has helped her cope with the pain, to an extent of making her less dependent on her pain meds. She went ahead and explained how her vapor pen “disciplined” her to taking just the right amount of weed to help her cope with the glaucoma pain, without getting high like recreational users do.

  1. Melissa Etheridge

Breast cancer survivor and Rock Star Melissa Etheridge opened up in a CNN guest column to talk about how cannabis helped her get through her chemotherapy. She has used medicinal weed to help her cope with the tough times and chemotherapy for 9 years so far. In her exclusive Melissa Etheridge CNN Guest Column, she explains how it also helped her regulate her sleep. She also enjoys a puff before watching her favorite series, Game of Thrones.

  1. Morgan Freeman

Freeman first let the world know of his love for weed back in 2003 during an interview. The words “I’ll never give up on Ganja” confessed his love for weed. Back then, he was a recreational user. After his fatal accident in 2008 that left him with fibromyalgia pain in his arm, the actor began using medicinal marijuana. “The only thing that offers any relief is marijuana”, he said.

  1. Tommy Chong

The Canadian-American actor and comedian has been a marijuana fun since his Cheech & Chong comedy movies in the 1970s. however, his cause turned from recreational to medicinal when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On June 9th, 2012, the actor confessed to using medical marijuana as an alternative treatment to the condition, rather than the risky and expensive operational procedure.

  1. Montel Williams

American TV personality, actor, and radio talk show Montel Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease in which the nerve cells insulating the spinal cord and the brain are damaged, disrupting the ability of the nervous system to properly communicate. It results in painful mental and psychiatric complications. The condition also altered his ability to stand on his own. Williams opened up to using medicinal marijuana to help him ease the neuropathic pain caused by multiple sclerosis.

  1. Leslie Mann

American actress and comedian Leslie Mann, during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, opened up to using marijuana to treat insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where one lacks sleep for prolonged durations, even months. The condition which affects millions worldwide is known to bring about stress, depression, anxiety, irritability and other mental problems. Leslie Mann has continuously endorsed the use of medicinal marijuana for insomnia.

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