Smoking Abroad: Where Is Pot Legal?

Smoking pot is restricted in the US with only a few states legalizing its use for recreational and medical purposes. In many countries, the story is the same with possession of cannabis being illegal and its use banned completely. Fortunately, some countries have laws that are much more relaxed allowing citizens and foreigners to light up within their borders as long as they do not exceed the established limit. If you are planning to travel abroad and would like to enjoy marijuana, you might want to include the following countries in your itinerary.


Due to the Rastafarian culture in Jamaica, many people assumed that the use of pot in the country was legalized but this only came to pass in 2015. The decriminalization of marijuana has seen the rise of festivals that celebrate the use of the plant as well as other cultures of the people. These festivals that take place annually are a good place for pot lovers to enjoy themselves while lighting up with other like-minded people. Users of cannabis are allowed to possess a maximum of fifty-six grams when in the country which is higher than some countries.


In South America, smoking pot is legal in Columbia on condition that it does not surpass twenty-two grams. The relaxed laws on cannabis in the country have been in effect since the nineties making it a great place to visit if you live in a state that restricts the use of the drug. Although the laws in Columbia are not restrictive, having more than twenty plants of pot can land you in trouble.


Spain made smoking of pot legal before many countries even started thinking about relaxing its laws. Users of cannabis in Spain can plant and consume the plant herb in their homes but there exist restrictions when it comes to public use. The country also has clubs where pot enthusiasts can meet and engage in the growing of the plant and even purchase some for use. Foreigners can get to experience the culture of cannabis users in Spain by attending festivals such as Spannabis which is held annually in Barcelona.


Pot lovers can enjoy their favorite drug in Switzerland if it is below ten grams or only plant a total of four plants for personal use. Also, you are allowed to light up as long as it is within a private space that will not interfere with other members of the public. In some areas, there may be restrictions on the quantity of Cannabis allowed, making it important to confirm beforehand the amount foreigners are allowed to have in possession when in the country.

Generally, finding out the laws governing marijuana in countries that you plan to visit is very important if you are to avoid trouble with the police. Majority of them have decriminalized the possession of the drug to a certain extent but have banned its sale or transportation for any reason. Nevertheless, keeping within the laws that govern cannabis use will allow you to enjoy the drug and your stay when abroad.

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