Fall Cannabis Events Across the USA

Fall is upon us, giving us the last chance to enjoy outdoor festivals and events before winter weather kicks in. With the growing legal and social tolerance to cannabis over the past few years, there has never been a better time to meet up with other members of the 420 community at a cannabis event near you. Here is a list of some awesome Cannabis events that you should check out this fall.

420 Yoga Retreat in the Rockies

With Colorado pioneering the movement to legalize recreational marijuana use, the 420 yoga retreat is one of the best events to attend if you want a relaxing weekend. The retreat is hosted within a ranch in the Rockies, which provides a calming environment for you to get away from the stressful city environment. Apart from enjoying the company of your fellow cannabis enthusiasts, the two-day event features yoga classes, massages, and an overall theme of promoting healthy living. There will be a resident DJ if you want to let loose at night, and there are meditation sessions for those aiming for a more relaxing experience. Spaces are limited so you might want to book early if you want to recharge your energy cells with a relaxing experience.

Location:             Colorado

Date:                     October 6 – October 8

Website:             https://www.420yogaretreats.com/


2nd Annual Cannabis Infuse Expo

Organized by Edibles magazine, the Cannabis Infuse Expo is a one-day event that updates the marijuana community, both consumers, and businesses, on the developments made in the edible marijuana industry and the direction in which the industry is heading. Sellers get the opportunity to highlight their new products hitting the market and businesses figures get to interact with each to discuss how to increase the popularity of cannabis-infused edibles. There will be a number of accomplished keynote speakers to ensure that you have fun while learning more about the industry.

Location:             Los Angeles

Date:                     October 21

Website:             www.infusedexpo.com


Fall 2017 Marijuana Business Conference and Expo

This is one of the biggest Cannabis events in the 2017 fall calendar bringing together every major player in the US cannabis industry. While primarily an opportunity for businesses to interact with each other and other industry leaders, if you want to learn more about the Cannabis industry then this offers the best opportunity. In 2017, the event expects to attract more than 14,000 business owners and investors; and more than 700 cannabis businesses are expected to participate as exhibitors. If you are a business player in the cannabis industry then this event presents a valuable networking opportunity.

 Location:             Las Vegas

Date:                     November 14

Website:             https://mjbizconference.com/



The ERRL camp is one of the most fun-filled cannabis festivals in the US. There will be plenty of food, three party tents, music, and the opportunity to enjoy the company of other fun cannabis enthusiasts. Numerous other events will be held during the camp and a daily vendor expo will ensure that you don’t run out of your favorite cannabis products.

Location:             Casa Grande, Arizona

Date:                     October 2017 (Dates Unconfirmed)

Website:             https://www.everfest.com/e/errl-camp-casa-grande-az

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