Cannabis Lovers Guide To…

Cannabis Lovers Guide To…

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Recreational cannabis was legalized in Oregon in July 2015. With the passage of this law, adults 21 years old and above can buy, use, and possess cannabis.  Since then recreational dispensaries and events have sprouted all over the state.

Planning a trip to Oregon?  Here’s what you need to know about 420 while there.

Possession laws

The possession laws differ for cannabis use at home and away from home. And this extends to edibles and other cannabis products too.  If you carry cannabis away from home you should always have some form of state-issued ID to prove your age.

Public possession

You can possess an ounce of usable cannabis, an ounce of cannabis extracts or concentrates, 16 ounces of edible cannabis in solid form, 72 ounces of weed products in liquid form, 10 weed seeds, and 4 immature cannabis plants.

Private possession

As a legal adult in a private property or residence, you can possess up to 8 ounces of usable marijuana. The other possession restricts are the same as stated above i.e. public possession. Please keep in mind that property owners and landlords have the right to accept or deny cannabis use or growing on their property.

Purchasing restricts

If you are of legal age and have a valid state-issued ID, you can buy cannabis flower, edibles, clones, seeds, concentrates, and a number of other weed related products.  However, there are restrictions on the amount of each product you can buy from a licensed store.

You will be able to buy an ounce of usable marijuana, 5 grams of cannabis extracts or concentrates, 16 ounces of edible cannabis in solid form, 72 ounces of weed products in liquid form, 4 immature cannabis plants, and 10 cannabis seeds.

Recreational cannabis gifts

The state law permits recreational cannabis gifts between 2 adults of legal age i.e. age 21 and above. However, the gifted amount must be within the possession limits and the gift giver must not accept any monetary consideration. This financial consideration is defined as money, sales, admission fees, tips, fundraisers, good or services, donations, or cover charges. If any of these items is accepted as the final consideration, the exchange is no longer taken to be a gift and is therefore considered illegal and punishable by the law.


It is illegal to smoke cannabis in public, even if you are doing so using a discreet vape pen. You can only smoke on private property or at home. In other words, you can’t consume cannabis in community parks, at the bars, in public outdoor smoking areas, on federal land, or on buses or airplanes. So please note that if you are found smoking weed in public you may be fined or worse serve jail time.

Store hours

Under the law, licensed stores can dispense cannabis to adults of legal age between 0700 hrs and 2200 hrs. However, some retailers are authorized to operate any anytime within the permitted hours. Find out in advance to the exact opening and closing times.

Banning of recreational cannabis sales in Cities and counties

The state policy allows local counties and cities to decide if they will allow recreational marijuana retailers. So keep in mind that counties and cities have their own laws. A city may ban recreational retailers, but the county with which it is located may allow them and vice versa. That said, personal possession is allowed irrespective of whether the county or city allows recreational retailers or not.

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