How The Cannabis Industry Is Creating Jobs

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in many states such as Colorado, Washington, and California. It is estimated that the marijuana industry has created over 200,000 new jobs even though this is quite a modest estimate. According to a report from the New Frontier Data, the cannabis market will have created more than 250,000 jobs by 2020. The number will only grow if more states legalize the use of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Factors contributing to job creation in the cannabis industry

More and more jobs are being created by the marijuana industry for the following reasons:

State legalization

Currently, marijuana is legalized for recreational and medicinal use in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. It is legal for medicinal use only in more than 20 other states. Industry experts are speculating prohibitions will be dropped in more states in the near future.

It is a big business

The cannabis business rips lots of profits. In 2016, the business was worth $7.2 billion. Medical marijuana sales in 2016 totaled to $4.7 billion, while recreational marijuana sales were at $2.6 billion. Financial experts speculate that by end of 2017, the business will have grown by 17%. By 2020, the estimated worth of the business will be over $20 billion.

The marijuana trend is growing

Another factor contributing to the creation of jobs is the growing marijuana trend. More Americans are appreciating the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The skepticism of this drug, which is still classified as a ‘schedule 1’ according to federal law is dropping. Now you can see marijuana cafes, blogs, social apps, and weed products shops all over.

Jobs currently in the cannabis industry:

The most popular jobs created by both the medical and recreational marijuana market are:

Marijuana growers

The people who grow marijuana like to prefer themselves as grow masters. They plant and tend to different marijuana strains, which are later harvested for sale to clients. This is one of the few cannabis jobs that require a specific skill set. In the US, most grow masters use greenhouses as opposed to open farms. Grow masters can earn more than $100,000 per year.

Concentrates creators

Creating a cannabis concentrate requires a certain level of skill. Concentrates creators have a chemistry background. Concentrates are strong. And this is important for them to achieve the desired effect, especially for medical marijuana users. Because vaporizers are becoming more popular, the demand for concentrates is rising.

Edibles chef

There are all sorts of marijuana edibles in the market. There is soda, coffee, baked products, and oatmeal. You name it and there is probably a weed version of it. But, the edibles industry is highly regulated by state laws. You have to list the ingredients and THC levels appropriately. Nonetheless, it is a lucrative and expanding job.

Cannabis couriers

The marijuana on sale has to reach the consumer. And, well, most people prefer delivery services as opposed to visiting a shop or marijuana dispensary. Therefore, marijuana courier is a job. Most couriers use bicycles. But soon we’ll probably see marijuana delivery vans. The profits might not be great, but marijuana users are generous with tips.

Most of the jobs the marijuana industry is creating do not require professional skills. These jobs are for anyone, marijuana fanatic or not. And clearly, they are profitable.

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