Holiday Gift Guide For Weed Lovers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with the increasing legalization of weed, it has never been a better time for finding weed-related gifts for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.  When it comes to gifting weed lovers, the options are endless.  You can gift your friend/family member the latest in terms of marijuana paraphernalia, or a weed-themed item.

Here are 4 gift ideas that will interest the cannabis lover(s) in your life.

1.     The Stoner’s Coloring Book

Part of the popularity of recreational cannabis can be attributed to the numerous cultural icons that have been notorious stoners.  Cannabis is known to stir the creative process in its users and there is no better gift for the stoner in your life than the stoner’s coloring book.  The coloring book encourages the inner arts and crafts enthusiast by providing many engaging pictures which gives a constructive outlet for their high.  There are numerous versions of the coloring book available on Amazon from $11.

2.     Kush Kards

The holiday season has a long tradition of card-giving.  And you now have a selection of cards that are aimed towards the cannabis connoisseur in your circle.  Kush Kards are made by a New York-based company.  They feature numerous cards with funny, weed-based greeting lines.  Most of the cards are specifically made for the holiday season featuring ‘normal’ Thanksgiving and Christmas greetings but with a fresh ‘weed’ twist.  You can also purchase them for other occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations or just as a greeting card. If you are living in a weed-friendly state, you can order cards which have a rolled blunt order.

3.     Magical Butter Machine

While in the past weed edibles were treated as a novelty item, the increasing popularity (and social/legal acceptance) of cannabis in America has seen edibles increase in popularity.  More and more people are now purchasing edibles or making them from their own kitchens.  The key ingredient in most weed edibles is cannabis butter, which might be a bit expensive to purchase commercially on a regular basis.

The magical butter machine is the best holiday gift that you can get your friend who enjoys making their own weed edibles.  It consists of an immersion blender and heating units which allow you to make your own butter from home.  This is not only much cheaper than purchasing commercially branded butters, but it also allows you to make butters from your preferred weed stains. Retails at around $175 from the manufacturer’s site, although it can be found in most weed shops.

4.     Keef Cola

Keef Cola is a weed-infused root beer that is sure to be a hit with your stoner mates.  Its quality has been verified, with the soda winning the 2015 High Times magazine cannabis cup for best edible.  It comes in various flavors and strains, including some that are aimed at the medical marijuana market.  Most importantly, it is widely available in most weed shops at quite affordable prices.

5.     Weed Themed Clothing

If you’re a proud toker, you probably have some weed-themed clothing that your wear “on the daily”.   There are so many different types of clothing and accessories out there to outfit your lifestyle.  There are many other cannabis-themed items that can be purchased for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

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