Glass Or Plastic?

Glass Or Plastic?

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When it comes to bongs and pipes, one of the biggest decisions that you have to make is whether to go for plastic or glass. More recently there have been more materials to choose from such as ceramics and acrylic. But for the purpose of this guide, let’s stick to the OG argument; glass or plastic? As with many long-standing arguments, your choice depends on various factors and the life circumstances you are currently in. This article will view this argument based on price, durability, flavor, aesthetic appeal and portability.


In terms of price, there is one clear winner; plastic. The affordability of plastic has been solely responsible for its ubiquity in almost all industries. Plastic is easily manufactured from petroleum products and can be easily shaped into bongs and pipes. So, if price is a big factor for you, you will probably go for a plastic bong.


This is another measurement metric where plastic appears as a clear winner. Now, in fairness, there are many types of ‘glass’ that one can choose from. There are glass variations that are more resistant to cracks and breakage which will offer more in terms of durability when compared ‘ordinary’ glass bongs. The same can also be stated for plastics, there are ‘harder’ plastics that are more heat resistant and will offer better durability scores than ‘normal’ plastic bongs. However, glass is more prone to breakages at a chemical/scientific level which makes plastic more durable. If you are clumsy and accident-prone, you might be better served by a plastic bong.

Flavor Quality

There is a reason that most lab equipment that comes into contact with chemical substances is made from glass. Glass does not react with chemical components. And most importantly, it is heat resistant. Plastic, on the other hand, is structurally affected by heat. With bongs and pipes, glass offers a better flavor quality as it is not affected by the heated smoke. Plastic, on the other hand, can succumb to heat, which gives the smoke some hints of burnt plastic fumes. If flavor quality is important for you, then plastic is not an option, you need to use a glass bong.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another benefit that glass has over plastic is its customizability for aesthetic beauty. Plastic bongs are usually made for affordability, which gives them more functional designs aimed towards serving their primary function of a pipe/bong, which is allowing you to enjoy your weed. With glass, there is more room for adding decorative elements to make your bong appealing to the eye.


This sort of ties into the durability factor since plastic bongs are more easily transported because they won’t break while in transit. They are also more easily deconstructed into their individual parts, which makes them easier to transport. This is in contrast to glass bongs that are much bulkier. If you will be using your bong on the road, then you might be better served by a plastic bong.


Ultimately, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ bong. It all depends on your preferences and budget. The consensus, however, seems to suggest that glass bongs offer better flavor quality, which might make them the ‘better’ choice.

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