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The effect that cannabis has on creativity has been long established in the stoner community and beyond. Many recording artists, actors, writers, and painters have attributed part of their creative prowess to the use of marijuana. Outside the ‘art’ community, numerous other luminaries have admitted to using cannabis at some points in their lives for creativity purposes. For example, Carl Sagan stated that smoking up gave him a better understanding of the cosmos while Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have admitted to using cannabis in the 1970s when developing their billion-dollar ideas.

Here are some of the popular strains that have become popular for sparking creativity.

1.     Blue Dream

Blue dream is a Sativa strain that has been known to increase the creative capacity of its users. It has a sweet aroma with hints of berry flavors. This strain increases alertness and relaxation which promotes creative thoughts.

2.     Purple Haze

Purple haze is another Sativa dominant strain that boosts creativity. It is one of the oldest and most popular strains available in the market. It helps to clear bad moods in the user and gives an energy boost to fight off physical and mental lethargy which puts you in the right mindset to embark on your artistic and creative pursuits.

3.     LSD

This strain gets its name for the euphoric, almost hallucinogenic, high that can be compared to the LSD drug. It is a hybrid strain that helps you think outside the box and access the creativity that is locked in your mind’s subconscious.

4.     Berry White

Berry white differs from most of the other strains in this list because it is an indica strain. While Sativa dominant strains and hybrids are better associated with creativity, some people require a more calming effect to get rid of other disruptive thoughts that might be getting in the way of their creativity. It is also useful for artists that might be suffering from chronic pains as the soothing effect allows you to focus on your creative projects.

5.     Durban Poison

This is one of the stronger Sativa strains whose potency might overwhelm newer users. Despite its potent high, it has a very gentle after-effect. You might find yourself achieving some of your best creativity when enjoying the potent Durban poison high.

6.     Tangie

The tangie is a Sativa strain that is perfect for users who want to engage in a long-term creative process. It has a long lasting high that will see hours turn into minutes as you are engaged in a creative undertaking. Its flavor is also pleasant, similar to ripe tangerines and its high is calm and meditative. You will not feel tedious and overwhelmed for hours on.

7.     Green Crack

The legendary strain green crack, is known for the energy boost that its users get. This Sativa strain will keep you energized and alert. Its fast-acting high is perfect for those projects with tight deadlines. Your productivity will benefit from the energy boost; and since it has a very fast acting high, you might only need a few puffs to get your creative juices flowing.

Generally, you might have to try a few strains to find out which strains work best for you.

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