Why 420 Games are Great Ice Breakers

Once you’ve finally gathered up a posse on the “High There” app, you’ll find hooking up with people is rather easy. Whether your meeting for the first time or you’ve met prior, you’ll notice that most people want to find simple ways to entertain each other while indulging in their favorite pass time. However, it’s often an awkward feeling when you’re new and just building a relationship. We’ve found some exciting games that are an excellent form of breaking the ice while firing up.

If you stop to think about a few things, such as the mentality of those who smoke, you’ll soon agree that most people like to chill and enjoy. While this may be true, flower lovers are also very social people who can engage in deep conversations about many other activities while stoned. So why not shake things up a bit while breaking out the bong to make your entertainment more attractive?

The game “Never Have I Ever” is one that will have everyone chuckling while keeping your mind flowing and enjoying your buzz. Found on the HonestMarijuana.Com site, they suggest getting your smoking tools and a healthy supply of bud, then have someone start by making a profound statement such as “Never have I ever chased a Bear Before.” Anyone who has done the opposite takes a toke. Follow up with someone next to you making their statement. The more you use, the funnier the remarks will get.

Next, to note, playing games while relaxing with your favorite strand, can make everyone feel more at ease. In fact, you’ll find this to be an excellent way to become acquainted. We’re not referring to just ‘puff and pass’ either. Most games provide substance while toking with friends helps you become friendlier. One cool set that includes both interacting and burning is the Smokin Dice Game found on Rasta Empire. This interactive game causes some hilarious rhetoric while giving you direction after rolling the dice. However, play at your risk as this proves to be 100% enjoyable for most spliff sports.

Lastly, you’ll find yourself slipping back in time with the game THC the Game which is described as a psychedelic board game for adults. This game allows up to 4 players and will help you become closer to them. Things you can expect, the first person to swear, or be too stoned to pay attention causes them to lose a turn, making this a super great way to become more acquainted.

No matter what the game you select, be sure to find something that is universal where everyone can become comfortable. After all, these types of social activities are what makes your hippie space a little more enjoyable.

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