5 Marijuana Friendly Careers For The Regular Toker

So, you like to toke but all your love for Cannabis indulgence seems to do is get you in trouble. Maybe you’ve even been reprimanded or lost a job due to your toking habits. Well, wouldn’t it be cool if you could get career where being a pothead was a plus and not the opposite? Well, you’re in luck. Here is a list of some careers where being a toker isn’t all that bad. Check them out below.

Music performance and production

Everyone knows that the music industry is a heavy consumer of weed. Because it’s not a formal line of work, getting a little high in the music industry isn’t all that bad. In fact, many claim that weed helps them function by making them more creative when producing music, writing lyrics or recording. Others claim that weed gives them the courage they need to get on stage and give outstanding performances to waiting crowds. And as a plus, being a toker in the music industry is considered cool.


Another marijuana friendly career that you might like to know about is writing. Writers have long relied on weed to get their creative juices flowing. This includes writers of novels, magazines, poems, music, blogs, etc. In fact, writers are highly portrayed as tokers in many pulp fiction movies and TV shows. It is said that because writing can get very stressful, writers turn to weed which helps to keep them level when they need to work. And, of course, it does help them to come up with great ideas too.


It is rumored that a few of the great paintings of the yester generation were created by toked-out artists. Whether this is true or not will remain a huge mystery in the world of art. But it is not so hard to see why this correlation would be made. Sometimes art can only be explained as a creation of a mind that is not completely lucid. And it’s obvious from this list that artists rely quite a bit on Cannabis to create their work. And in either case, whether you create art while high or not, all that matters is the quality of your product and how people relate to it.


Still on artists, another line of work that is popular with tokers is acting. Yes, Hollywood is full of potheads. A little buzz helps a number of actors to get into play and produce some of the great shows that we see on screen. Or is this just more pulp fiction? We think not, celebs have been known to toke even outside their work so it’s not far-fetched to think that they would do the same when working.

Working from home

And lastly, working from home careers (which are quite common these days) are another great option for tokers. These include freelance writing, blogging, app design, web design, etc. With these jobs, you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder or co-workers to be mindful off. You can be on your couch, toking away, and earning money without a care in the world.

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