Barney Gets High

Barney Gets High

The High End Barney's New York
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The Los Angeles community is about to have even more accessible cannabis options when Barneys New York opens their cannabis shop-in-shop at their full-size Beverly Hills flagship location in March of 2019.  Barneys, a luxury specialty shop with frequent foot traffic and stylish taste, offers exclusive collections of accessories, shoes, and clothing.

The 92-year-old luxury specialty store will be opening its very first cannabis in-shop store, named The High End, crafting it into what will be considered a “luxury cannabis and wellness concept shop.”

What This Means For Barney’s

Barneys is no stranger to being pioneers for change. Barneys New York CEO and President, Daniella Vitale, said in an interview, “Barneys has always been at the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle, and cannabis is no exception.”

The luxury specialty store giant jumped into the cannabis category when they observed the constant increase in cannabis use by their existing customer base.  With a revenue last year of approximately $246.24 million, this is a smart financial opportunity they’re taking advantage of.  They pounced on the opportunity with a goal to enhance the shopping experience of Barneys and expand an exceptional product into other types of stores.

Knowing they would need help to secure their creative cannabis vision, Barneys requested the collaboration of a well-known design-focused cannabis brand – Beboe.  Taking on the quest Barneys set out for them, they created an exclusive product just for The High End.  Beboe is a win-win for Barneys, as they’re able to handle selling and buying legal cannabis transactions in the Barneys store.

So, What Will The High End And Beboe Bring To Barney’s?

With Beboe working alongside a long-time cannabis brand, Sherbinskis, they are developing a new strain of cannabis that will go in a line of pre-rolled joints. Excluding the exclusive product that they’re also making for the shop, Beboe is also working alongside Défoncé to secure a line of decadent, luxury cannabis-infused dark chocolate packed in a chocolate box.

The High End will also feature horn lighters from Lorenzi Milano, Caleb Siemmon-designed glass pipes, Shine gold rolling papers, and leather ashtrays from Giobagnara. This is also not to mention the cannabis-themed jewelry, CBD-infused beauty products, and vintage smoking accessories that will also be stocked on their shelves.

Even if you’re not around the Los Angeles location, the Barneys site will still feature some of the accessories sold in-store during the March launch. Other The High End locations are being planned out by the luxury specialty store for going forward.

What This Means For Business

Barneys is the first major retailer to take the leap and open a cannabis shop within their regular store, but they’re merely paving the way for what’s to come. They’re the first retailer to jump on this golden – er, or “green” – opportunity, but it’s likely they certainly won’t be the last.

In 2019, get ready to see some of the many effects the cannabis industry will have on the business world as we know it.  Positive changes are brewing for Los Angeles, sparking positive changes throughout the rest of California and trickling out to the rest of the country.

Legalization is heating up and social acceptance of the plant is only growing – will your business be one of the pioneers for the cannabis industry?

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