Becoming A Budtender

Becoming A Budtender

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The recent legalization of marijuana in several states is creating lots of jobs. One of the most profitable jobs in the cannabis industry is the job of a budtender. As a weed fanatic and close follower of our blog, you are probably familiar with this term. However, do you really know who a budtender is and what is included in their job description? Read on to find out.

Who is a budtender?

A budtender is someone who works at a cannabis dispensary counter. It is one of those select jobs in the marijuana industry that requires a high level of skillset. Budtenders guide medical marijuana patients in understanding, selecting and buying different marijuana products. They are experts in different cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles. Not only are they supposed to be extremely knowledgeable but also have the requisite soft skills that enable them to handle the different kinds of marijuana customers.

A budtender is also called a marijuana dispensary receptionist.

How to become a budtender

As a weed fanatic, or simply someone looking for a career change, budtending might just be the job for you. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. These jobs are not easy to find. And as mentioned earlier, you require certain skills and knowledgeability. Follow the following tips and guidelines on how to become a professional budtender.

Become knowledgeable

To become an expert, you have to gain as much knowledge as possible on marijuana. Learn the different types of strains and other marijuana products. It is not enough to know them, learn about their effects and the type of highs they provide.

Knowledge of the health benefits of marijuana products is also important. It is now common knowledge that some cannabinoids have numerous health benefits. Medical marijuana patients will want you to display a certain level of medical efficacy before buying. They want you to explain the different products you are selling and provide alternate solutions.

Polish your customer service skills

Nothing attracts and maintains customers more than excellent customer service, even if you’re selling weed! As a budtender, you will be handling or types of customers, not just hooded youths with lots of piercings and a guitar. The wide spectrum of customers you will be handling will have different weed experiences and tolerances. Therefore, etiquette and professionalism are paramount.


You do not just want to get a job at the weed dispensary in your neighborhood. You want to become an industry expert. What better way to do that than networking. The best way to network is to attend marijuana conventions. These conventions are opportunities to meet and connect with other people in the industry and learn about new products and trends.

Benefits and wages of the budtender job

The salary of a budtender varies from dispensary to dispensary. Also, the wages are dependent on your level of expertise. That said, the entry salary is around $10 an hour. After considering tips, you could earn about $15 per hour as an amateur budtender.

As a marijuana follower, the benefits of a budtender job are that you get to be surrounded by weed products all day and you get to reduce the stigmatism associated with using marijuana.

The future is bright for budtending jobs. However, it will soon become a very competitive job. Therefore, you need to regularly update your marijuana knowledge and connect with industry experts in order to remain significant.

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