Best Green Friendly Dating App for Concerts and Events

What can be better than kicking back watching a live show of your favorite music and toking a little green? Answer: Kicking back watching your favorite band, toking a little green with your new friend! Concerts and events are by far ten times better if you go with a buzz or get one while you’re checking out the festivities. When you live in places such as Colorado or Washington, there’s always plenty of bud to go around. However, if you came up empty handed, and would like to indulge, you must find creative ways to jump into the action. We have an answer that can help you locate 420 friends that won’t let you look like a tool when walking up to someone. The “High There” app is one great trick you should have on your iPhone or Android, that will make your concert “the best” every time.

Let’s face it you can’t walk right up to a group of people who are passing around the cheeba expecting they will auto-accept you. In fact, you very well might be heading for a sucker punch if you stumble upon the guy whose ‘pie-eyed’ with zero hospitality skills. Today’s technology has found a way for you to meet like-minded individuals who are willing to share their peace pipes if you’re cool. Who knows, you might even meet the next significant other you’ve been waiting for.

What makes this dating app unique is its status of clearing the air for finding people who are looking for some herbal refreshment and are down with meeting both Mr. J and Mary Jane. Don’t forget people who partake in trees are a friendlier bunch, so your ability to meet new folks that are into the same past times as yourself should be easier.

Another great feature is you can view the person’s profile vetted, and decide on whether you’d find them compatible ahead of time. This makes the app both user-friendly and rejection safe. All you must do is look for a meeting place and select a time, and now your chances of widening your circle of hippie lettuce lovers and friends have just gotten better.

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