Best Stoner TV & Movies Ever!

After you’ve met your new friend on the “High There” app, you’re most likely want to hang out. If your 420-friendly partner is into watching some movies and TV and chilling out with you, then we’ve got quite the lineup for you to binge or watch at your leisure. Many of these are classics intended for viewers to be stoned and enjoy, so let’s get started.

Of course, many of these movies can be found on Netflix or Amazon and can be quickly downloaded or viewed if you have an account.

1.Family Guy
2.Sin City
4.Black Mirror
5.Friday After Next

If you’ve never watched an episode of “Family Guy,” then we must say “OMG”! This show will keep you in stitches while passing around your favorite bubbler. From the baby, Stewie to the hilarious rhetoric of Peter Griffin, this cartoon, will be the ultimate ice-breaker for you and you High There friends.

Next, is “Sin City” starring Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis. The editing in this flick is stellar using selected color on Black and White film, creating a modern-day art nouveau look. The cinematography will blow you away so make sure you’ve got your favorite strain nearby to accompany your viewing. You just can’t go wrong with the incredible story and super-ultra-cool vibe this movie lends to your watching pleasure.

In addition to visual inspiration, “Portlandia” starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, this funny and well-written mockumentary follows a multitude of characters who all live in the Portland, Oregon area. They date back in time to the 80’s and 90’s with many of the show’s topics. Comedian, actress Brownstein is hilarious and a master at character study. Former SNL player Armisen is believable no matter what role. Be sure to check out this show with a visitor or alone.

“Black Mirror” will help you throw a great binge festival on your couch. Be sure to pay attention to the story lines as they depict the technologically driven world we live in as troublesome. From the first to the last episode, these video vignettes and short stories will blow your mind.

Lastly, “Friday After Next” features stars such as Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. Released in 2002, this is a classic just like all the Cheech and Chong movies and delivers just as funny of a storyline. This is a great one to warm up with your new High There squeeze during the holidays as the story takes place during Christmas. Nonetheless, it will surely keep you in the festive mood year around.

So, from cool cartoons to a ridiculous movie where drugs, cash, and girls are the themes, you’ve got plenty of movies watching at your fingertips. This blog will help you when someone asks, “Well what do you want to watch?”. You will no longer have to guess, just set your sights on any of this great flick and you’ll soon be on your way to having an excellent collection.

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