Best Ways to Blow in 2017

Whether rolled or enjoyed as an edible there are a multitude of means to satisfy your craving for some great herb. In fact, over the past few years there have been some new innovations that have allowed the green friendly community to be delighted that we want to share. You’ll find our favorite picks for coddling ‘fast and furious’ bud to new heights for 2017.

  • Bubblers
  • Butters
  • Spot of Tea
  • Vaping

Bubblers and bongs have been a beloved way to share grass throughout the ages. We really love the idea of glass bongs that filter many of the pollutants from entering our lungs. In fact, we’re sure you would agree, it not only is a cleaner way to smoke out, it’s also 10X more effective with the end results. Hail to the bong, we love it!

Next, butters are again nothing all that innovative. However, what people do with the butter has been passed down through the ages. From cookies to spaghetti, you can use cannabutter for a multitude of recipes. Depending on the right mixture and whatever your culinary arts may be, you can consume your favorite strand daily and never be bored.

Rather than using cannabutter, we’ve found steeping the tea a nice way to drink your sativa or any other delectable brand. If you’re not into hot tea, try a B-40 which is a cigar laced with marijuana dipped in malt liquor. Super yummy!

For 2017 we found one of the best methods of ministering your buzz is vaping. From the pens to the Black Da Buddha or Volcano Vaporizer, we are loving this practice as it seems to be one of the easiest on the lungs. The process allows you to capture the greatest buzz with a long-lasting effect. By far you will get your money’s worth on these devices. The pens are excellent as they provide a discreet way of enjoying your favorite flowers with the oil tailored for you.

There you have it! Our favorite picks for best techniques for enjoying your Kush Queen or Cheese.

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