Cannabis Cafes Are Innovating The Food Industry

Cannabis cafes (otherwise known as consumption lounges) are becoming more prevalent across the country as prominent cities in states where marijuana is legal are passing legislation on this very matter.  San Francisco has had cannabis cafes for a while now and Portland has prestigious cannabis cafes that act as a type of members only club for connoisseurs.

Major cities such as Las Vegas, Portland, and the entire state of Colorado just locked down legislation to capture the sensation of cannabis cafes across the state, following in Alaska’s footsteps in taking cannabis cafes to a mainstream audience.  Let’s look more in dept at what these cannabis cafes are and why they’re such a big hit now.

Cannabis Café Legislation is Blasting Off

Marijuana legalization has opened up doors for entrepreneurs to dabble in cannabis production and distribution within legal state lines.  These business owners have been able to open up their storefronts and sell to those who produce the appropriate documentation.  But, in order for the industry to sustain growth, it needs to diversify.

This is where cannabis cafes enter.

Cannabis cafes are a simple, yet effective solution that allow growers and distributors greater flexibility in where they can sell their product.  With more people looking to infuse their foods, clothing, and even dog treats with CBD products, we can see that the public is interested in experimenting with cannabis more than we may think.


The new cannabis café laws in Colorado are a step in the right direction for state-focused legislations which allows businesses the chance to apply for a license to run a cannabis cafe where people can legally use marijuana.  The only catch with this new legislation is that local jurisdictions will have to opt into the new law allowing cannabis cafes before they can start dishing out licenses.  Although this could potentially be a roadblock for businesses operating in more conservative counties in the future, it doesn’t seem to be a massive problem in the present.

Oh The Possibilities of Cannabis Cafes

The prospect of not being restricted to only consuming cannabis in the privacy of your own home is liberating.  The one trigger that possibly made legislators change their minds on cannabis cafes was the meteoric rise in popularity of edibles.  As the public has become more educated on edibles and their effects, smokable cannabis has taken a backseat in the minds of legislators, thus opening the door for public consumption to be a topic of conversation in a legal setting once again.

States such as Massachusetts, Oregon, and California are getting in on the cannabis café action too by passing legislation to allow for hybrid BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) cannabis consumption lounges to open across Los Angeles county.  There are also edibles-only cafes, along with enclosed lounges that allow smoking, vaping and edibles.

This massive effort by states and cities to bring cannabis cafes to life has taken bold efforts by legislators to revise their current clean-air regulations and amend their municipal codes and zoning regulations to allow public consumption in designated cafes and smoking lounges.  This move could help to alleviate the stigma of public cannabis consumption and allow the industry to continue the significant upward growth trajectory that we’ve been seeing as of late.

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