Cannabis Candy: Discover The Flavors

The words sweet and cannabis may sound awkward in the same sentence but surprisingly it’s quite common when describing edibles.  This unique candy has replaced the older edibles that were full of calories and only served to increase one’s waistline while leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.  Fortunately, cannabis treats that are much healthier and sweeter have been introduced into the shelves of most dispensaries leaving pot lovers spoilt for choice.  You can now buy your preferred flavors and even try out new ones without losing out on the unmistakable effects of cannabis that comes with the consumption of the candy.

Although there are a number of cannabis candies available in various states, there are some that stand out and are worth indulging in on a regular basis.  Majority of them have just the right amount of cannabis but you could also be adventurous and try out those that make you high within the shortest time possible.  Here are some of the “must try” cannabis candies for those starting out or looking for a different way to enjoy their favorite drug.

Medicated gummy leaves 

These edible candies have been designed to resemble marijuana leaves making them stand out among others.  They have a unique texture as well as flavor that make them enjoyable to eat.  Apart from their appealing look, gummy leaves pack a punch when it comes to potency making them a worthwhile treat for pot lovers.

Cannabis cotton candy 

Cotton candy is a popular treat for many but for cannabis lovers the presence of marijuana makes its taste “heavenly.”  The sugar-straight product is well packaged ensuring that it does not lose its potency over time.  It is possible to find the cannabis infused cotton candy in different qualities and potency giving you a chance to choose one that leaves you feeling high.

Cheeba chews

These are the most common types of candy that contain cannabis and they are available in a variety of flavors, doses and strains.  Cheeba chews are often sold in a many recreational shops as a packet which contains eight pieces the candy.  Also, they are quite affordable making them a leading choice for cannabis candy fanatics that need a fix on a regular basis.

Cannabis Tarts

These candies are made by Epidure and are sold in small pieces that are about 10mg each.  They have various flavors like watermelon fruit but are quite potent making it important for users to control their dosing when eating them.  Since the aim of the company producing them is to make them taste more like candy and eliminate the taste of marijuana, users are advised to indulge in them with a lot of care and keep them away from minors.

Cannabis candy has evolved over the years with a majority of them shedding off the traditional taste and look and embracing a variety of bold flavors. The response to introduction of these flavors has seen more pot lovers buying them as an alternative to regular cannabis.  Fancy some pot candy? There are lots more flavors out there to choose from!

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