Cannabis Delivery: The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Stoned

Cannabis Delivery: The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Stoned

Cannabis Delivery
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Does getting on the phone give you the scaries? Would you rather walk on hot coals than ask for help from a retail employee? Luckily, online cannabis delivery is here, combining two of life’s greatest joys: getting packages, and smoking weed. We partnered with our friends from Emjay (our favorite California weed delivery service!) to answer your burning questions about online cannabis delivery.

Is it Legal?

This will vary regionally, so always do your research ahead of time. Even in places where cannabis is legal there may be grey market dispensaries. You can check out Emjay’s rundown on legal weed delivery here. At a glance, these are some red flags to watch for:

Cash only   

A service requiring you to pay by cash only, or pay in advance of receipt of your products, is likely not legal. 

Confusing policies      

A legal, trustworthy marijuana delivery service will have transparent, easy-to-understand policies and FAQs.

Illegal volume of product

The quantity of legal cannabis you can purchase at once is regulated. If a service disregards these regulations, it’s not legal. 

They don’t check ID      

For the safety of consumers, a legal, trustworthy weed delivery service in California is required to see your ID and/or Medical card at the point of transaction. 

What am I Looking For?

Maybe you’re used to taking a look and a whiff before you purchase flower IRL. When purchasing online, a little self-reflection can help you determine which product will be right for you.  Take a moment and think about strains you’ve loved in the past: 

THC and CBD content

This isn’t a perfect indicator of whether or not you’ll like a product, but you may have more success if you look for strains and products that have similar THC and CBD content to what you’re accustomed to. 

Terpene profile

Compounds called “terpenes” determine the taste and smell profile of your bud. The interplay of our sense of smell and the parts of our brains responsible for emotion and memory can have a profound effect on how you experience a strain. 

Accessories and tech

If you’re interested in trying something new, looking for a recommendation, or have a question about a product’s features, you can always reach out to Emjay’s customer support team through their messaging help desk. This handy option lets you get real answers from real experts, without hopping on a call (which is also an option, if you’re up for it!). 

How do I Choose a Weed Delivery Service?

We’re so happy to finally live in a time and place where there are a wealth of options available to access high quality cannabis products. That said, not all dispensaries are created equal. Here are some of the reasons we love Emjay, and things to look for in a weed delivery service. 

Free delivery 

You shouldn’t pay more for being an efficient genius. Emjay offers the same wide selection of high quality products, with no mark-up for delivery.

Fast delivery times 

Delivery windows will vary from service to service. Emjay delivers within the LA area in 90 minutes or less, with a selection of items available in a half hour.

Wide selection

Emjay has the best product selection of the best brands on the market. Their experts test and vouch for their catalog, and partner with brands to offer exclusive low prices on great stuff.  

Rewards for purchase 

Who doesn’t like free money? Look for dispensaries where you earn points back for the money you spend! It adds up. 

Excellent couriers

Cannabis couriers carry precious cargo, so choose delivery services who act like it! Emjay trains their couriers internally, rather than hiring from a third party. They’re the best in the biz! While we’re at it, you can show your couriers some love by keeping adequate distance, wearing a mask and tipping if possible. 

Great reviews 

Customers love the reliability, prices and selection at Emjay and they aren’t afraid to say so. Take a look at what they have to say here. 

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