Cannabis Extracts: Take A Peek Into The Future Of Marijuana

Like any other industry, marijuana is evolving and changing rapidly by the day.  While most people are only familiar with harvested buds and the prepped byproduct, leading industry players are already dealing with cannabis extracts.  Cannabis extracts are becoming quite popular and chances are that your local cannabis store has some in stock.  If the uptake continues, cannabis extracts will definitely be the future of this industry.  Read on to learn more.

About cannabis extracts

Cannabis extracts are simply refined and concentrated versions of what you may already be buzzing to.  Basically, they are a more potent form of the same old 420 that you know and love.  However, these are much more concentrated, probably several times over, as compared to basic cannabis. Some extracts have a THC concentration of up to 90%!  There are different types of extracts in the market too.  The most common include Kief, Hash, Butane Honey Oil (BHO), CO2 Oil, Tinctures, and others.  The differences come from the different strains of Cannabis used, as well as the extraction methods applied. And each extract resonates with the particular strain it was made from in regards to smell, taste, and potency.

How cannabis extracts are prepared

Cannabis extracts are prepared in many different ways.  Each method is distinct and leads to a very specific type of extract.  One of the simplest extraction methods is that used to make Kief. Kief, also referred to as pollen, is made from the trichomes found on the outer peripheral of dried cannabis flowers.

The methods get more complicated from here. They include compression, ice water extraction, Butane extraction, pressurization, vaporization, alcohol extraction, and more.  Luckily for you, you don’t really need to know the exact details about these extraction processes.  That’s unless you want to make your own extracts, in which case you’ll need to learn a bit of chemistry.

How cannabis extracts are used

Cannabis extracts are mostly consumed through dabbing.  This is where they are heated and inhaled through a dabbing rig.  And as you might expect, the extracts give you a much stronger high.

Apart from dabbing, cannabis extracts are widely used for medicinal purposes to treat various conditions.  Some are applied on the skin and others are taken orally.

Other people go the extra mile and use the extracts in preparing their meals.

Whether you wish to dabble in dabbing or wish to remain a traditional pot smoker, the options are all yours to make.

How to find cannabis extracts

It’s highly unlikely that you can make cannabis extracts by yourself.  Well, unless you’re quite the Walter White of Weed.  In light of that, most people have to buy them.  Unlike before, finding cannabis extracts nowadays isn’t all that difficult.  By now, almost every bonafide marijuana store is stocking them.  You just have to ask for them.  It also helps if you know the different extracts and possess a vague idea of how they are made – which is what this article is here for.

And there you have it! The future of cannabis; or is it?  Time will tell.  For now, cannabis extracts are just an alternate, purer way for you to get your high and enjoy all the benefits that come with marijuana.

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