Cannabis-Friendly Activities That Don’t Involve A Couch

Have you noticed that the cannabis community tends to get a bad rap from the rest of society?  Many assume that weed smokers do nothing all day but play video games and eat junk food.

Unfortunately, there are still so many that are blind to the positive effects of cannabis.  They don’t realize just how many of us are out there in the world, being smart, successful, healthy and active.

As one of the best apps for stoners who truly live the lifestyle, High There! Is here to help.  We believe that almost any pursuit is more fun with a little cannabis, and have compiled a few activities that stoners tend to particularly excel at. Try these the next time your friend suggests vegging out to Netflix or the XBox.

Art & Music

The next time you get an urge to be creative, take a quick puff of your favorite sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Jam sessions and craft projects with your friends have never been more fun than when you’re lifted. It’s an undisputed truth that many of the world’s beloved musicians and visual artists created their many masterpieces with the help of THC. Prefer creative writing? Cannabis can make that experience more fun and imaginative as well. Just make sure to pick the right strain for the mood you want to achieve!

Outdoor Fun

Cannabis is super popular among campers, hikers, rock climbers, and ultra-marathoners. Why? Because it makes the scenery, exercise and fresh air 100% more enjoyable than normal. There are so many ways to bring cannabis with you into the great outdoors – from edibles to vapes to an old-school joint. After using cannabis most people feel happy, relaxed, and especially at one with nature. Aside from the obvious health benefits, becoming outdoorsy is a fantastic way to find cool new places in your town, or when you’re traveling to a new city.

Using cannabis also helps people who may not be able to do these activities because of illness or injury. After a little herb, the pain-relieving and euphoric effects take hold and make getting outside that much easier for everyone.

Cooking (and Eating!)

Like most things in life, cannabis greatly enhances the culinary experience. Whether or not you actually infuse your food with cannabis oils and extracts, you can still have a great time cooking under the influence. Every smell and taste of what you’re creating will be amplified, your creativity will be heightened and all the anticipation will be worth it when you finally get to try the finished product. Sharing meals with cannabis will definitely create close connections between people; try it by yourself or with a loved one!

If your squad is still stuck in the stereotype, there are so many reasons to move on and find. Act as a motivator to the rest of your group and propose activities like these to keep the action going.

High There! connects members of the cannabis community every single day. Download the app today on iOS and connect locally or when traveling.

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