Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide
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If this year has taught us anything, it’s the value of connection, kindness and small businesses. Oh, and weed. Definitely weed.

This year, in-person gift shopping can be complicated, uncomfortable or downright not allowed. Out of necessity, or convenience, many of us are doing our shopping online,  but still want to shop at small businesses where our dollars can make a big impact. This holiday round-up of cannabis gifts features accessories and CBD products that you can shop online, regardless of your state’s stance on cannabis. Read on to get High There’s curated gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Apothecary Travel Case

Perfect for:

  • travellers who bring cannabis along
  • parents of nosy kids/pets
  • people with roommates prone to “borrowing” weed (looking at you, Jeff)
  • flower connaisseurs

This classic case features a Boveda humidifying system that helps keep cannabis from getting dry or moldy. The carrying case comes equipped with two airtight glass jars, a three-compartment grinder and rolling tray, so that your loved one is always ready to roll. Plus, the inconspicuous case locks, keeping little ones out, and helping you travel legally with your cannabis in states where cannabis can only be in vehicles if under lock and key.

Perfect for: 

  • those working from home in their “nice” jammies
  • fashionistas who don’t mind wearing weed on their sleeve

Jane Parade makes apparel and accessories for the PYT (pretty young thing) who loves THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Redefining the stoner aesthetic, the pieces take a playful and subtle approach to their reefer-references. If you’re not sure about sizing, check out their equally adorable keychains, prints, beanies and totes.

Perfect for: 

  • the occasional, low dose smoker
  • those who are uninterested or incapable of rolling joints 
  • home decor enthusiasts

This is the perfect discreet, petite pipe for the “just a pinch” smokers on your list. The beautiful raw clay exterior looks right at home in your home, while the glazed bowl and interior make it surprisingly easy to clean. For newer consumers that are still figuring out how to incorporate cannabis into their routines, this piece is great for building confidence and learning the ropes.

Perfect for: 

  • yogis (well, obviously)
  • those looking to add mindfulness to their cannabis routine
  • people living in places with gym/studio closures

Honestly, who among us doesn’t need a little extra relaxation lately? A subscription from Yoga With Minelli gives access to pre-recorded and live cannabis-infused yoga classes. This at-home experiential gift can shift perspectives so that your cannabis routine and your self-care routine is one in the same. Set your loved one up with as many months as you wish, there’s no commitment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping times or expenses.

Perfect for: 

  • Cats
  • Dogs 
  • Horses 
  • People who love cats, dogs and/or horses

The benefits of CBD aren’t just for humans! Honest Paws makes pure, effective CBD products that can promote calm, mobility and overall wellness, without getting your furry friend high. Their CBD comes in different ranges and a variety of delivery methods. With some pets experiencing heightened covid-era separation anxiety, this may be a godsend to someone on your list. Plus, check out their topical salve, ideal for protecting noses and paws from salt and cold in the winter months.

Perfect for: 

  • THC enthusiasts 
  • Glass collectors 
  • For those who take their dabs to go

Goody is a great go-to for fun, high-performance glass pieces. While small, the twisty design and smiley face disc percolator work to stack bubbles, preserve flavor, and cool the smoke as you hit it.  The compact size and sturdy construction means it can be a portable addition to your loved one’s rig collection. Plus, Goody makes a variety of colorful, food-shaped pipes that make a cheerful alternative for those of us who don’t partake in dabs.

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