420 Bed & Breakfast

The number 420 holds a special place in stoner world but the origin is often debated. Some claim that 420 denotes the total number of chemical compounds in a marijuana

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The Chill Lifestyle

Remaining calm when high is an art that is learned over time.  Whether it is your first time to taste marijuana or generally have a hard time keeping your lid

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cannabis current events

Cannabis Current Events

If there’s one thing you can always count on, marijuana will always be a big topic in the news. From legalizing to medicinal there’s so many trends and issues that

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Photo of a group of 2 men and 2 women on a hike together

Cannabis Lingo

For a long time weed has been illegal.  And for this reason, many users have over the decades come up with clever slang words to refer to their favorite herb.

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photo of a girl ripping a bong with sunflowers around her


Bongs are the alternatives to pipes and blunts for weed smoking. Originating from Thai, bongs are basically cylindrical water pipes. The bongs give you the best smoking experience because the

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