Chefs Using Cannabis

 Chefs Using Cannabis

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Laws surrounding cannabis are relaxing in the United States making its use in fine dining much more acceptable.  Cannabis lovers can now enjoy meals infused with weed when eating out giving them a chance to take in their drug of choice as part of the menu. The preparation of these meals is often done by qualified chefs that are able to use the right dosage and still give diners the high they are looking for.  Even so, preparing meals that contain cannabis is not easy with many chefs that have mastered the skill being sought out countrywide.  If you are interested in getting a taste of food prepared using cannabis, here are some ways to get such an experience.

Cannabis Pop-up dinners

These dinners are often held on agreed dates where chefs experienced in cooking with cannabis prepare an array of meals for guests.  Most times, the dinners are organized by groups of marijuana enthusiasts and held on a regular basis at a location that is revealed only to members of the group.  Also, payment is required beforehand to make planning easier for the chef and the event owner as well.  The main focus of the chef is to provide meals infused with cannabis to allow guests to get high and full at the same time.

Cannabis cooking classes

If you would rather dine in then hiring a chef that prepares meals infused with cannabis is your best bet.  The chef is able to conduct a cooking class that allows you to prepare your own meals in the comfort of your home.  When attending such classes, guests are asked to carry their own cannabis which they will use as part of the meals they will prepare.  These classes are quite popular and affordable for cannabis lovers that want to recipes to replicate over and over again.

Cannabis VIP pairing dinners

Custom dishes are the main attraction at pairing dinners often attended by cannabis lovers.  The dishes are prepared with guests in mind and focus on giving them tasty yet appealing meals that enhance the social experience at restaurants.  However, it is important to ensure that the cannabis used to prepare meals at the dinner stays within the legal limit to avoid clashing with the law. These dinners can be a bit pricey because of the many courses made available to guests and the administration of various cannabis options as part of the meals.

Cannabis private parties

This involves getting an experienced cannabis chef to cater your private party with a number of them offering their services online.  They prepare courses according to your menu and can even include wine pairings as well. It is common to provide the chef with information on dietary restrictions of your guests so that the final menu includes meals that everyone can enjoy. If you are living in a state that does not have chefs that use cannabis, you might have to pay for one to travel in and cater at the private party.

Generally, eating meals prepared by chefs that use cannabis is an experience every pot lover should endeavor to experience.  Or better yet, sign up for weed cooking classes and be your own chef!

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