Concentrates vs. Buds

Concentrates vs. Buds

Concentrates vs. Buds
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As many US states legalize cannabis, enthusiasts are trying to discover as much as they can about the plant.  Among the most debated topics is whether concentrates are better than buds or vice versa.  For those much older, buds have always been the leading choice when buying cannabis but with the entry of concentrates into the market some have decided to make the switch.  On the other hand, younger smokers prefer concentrates and rarely use buds making it hard for them to authoritatively make a decision between the two.  Nevertheless, if you are new to smoking cannabis and have no idea which one to use, read through the tips below to help you make an informed decision.


Buds are more flavorful

The bud of cannabis contains terpenes which give the plant its unique smell and taste. If you find the smell of cannabis therapeutic then using it in flower form will offer you the unique smell as well as other beneficial cannabinoids.  Unfortunately, these aromatic compounds are absent in concentrates because of the extraction process the buds go through, making the preservation of terpenes difficult.

Buds are cheaper

Since buds are sold in their original form, they are less expensive to purchase in various stores.  Most times, they are only dried and packed in containers to make storage much easier for users.  However, concentrates are a bit pricey due to the processes the plant undergoes to isolate compounds needed for one to get high.

Buds are accessible

In states that allow smoking of cannabis, you can easily cultivate the plant yourself and use it to get high at your own convenience.  However, this might not be possible for those that enjoy using concentrates because of the processes involved in the extraction of compounds used in their production.


Concentrates are healthier

Due to the extraction process involved in the isolation of compounds, concentrates are considered to be much more pure than buds.  They are easier to inhale and have a minimum effect on the lungs even after use for an extended time period. Also, if you are looking for a much cleaner way to enjoy cannabis, concentrates are the way to go.

Concentrates are consumed differently

Cannabis concentrates can be administered in a variety of ways making them a favorite among users.  Some of the popular ways include dabbing, tinctures, and ingestible oils which can be used by both beginners and veterans.  Concentrates are especially great for cooking  cannabis edibles such as cakes and beverages.  On the other hand, buds can only be vaporized, rolled or smoked which can be a bit restrictive for some marijuana users.

Concentrates have higher potency

If you are looking for cannabis that will give you the highest potency, you need to go for concentrates.  Their potency level is double that of buds making dosing much trickier for cannabis lovers that are just starting out.  Veterans looking to experience newer highs with cannabis will enjoy using concentrates of different potency levels.

All in all, trying out both types of cannabis is a great way to find out which one you enjoy using before making a final decision.  Some users enjoy both, giving them a chance to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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