Ding Dong Big Bong!

Smoking through a pipe offers a very different buzz than smoking a blunt.  While the good old hubbly bubbly may conjure up pictures of tree hugging hippies getting their bong on, it is actually the preferred choice for enthusiasts from all over the smoking spectrum.

Most smokers really love a bong, so much so, many of them give their piece a name and treat it as a friend. Once you try, you’ll want to buy another one, and another.  Collecting them is also a huge part of cannabis culture.  Soon enough you’ll not only be a cannabis enthusiast but also a big bong fan!

So what makes a bong so special?

Smoking a blunt is nice, sure, but smoking a bong is better. A bong will cool and filter the smoke through water, offering a smooth draw even when a large amount of smoke is inhaled. A smooth smoke, every time!

There is a ton of different kinds of bongs to buy, but many of us stick the popular glass piece.  Easy to use and easy to clean, a glass bong will last the distance.  But don’t just follow the herd, here are some the best bong you can buy for your buck.


As we said, glass is one of the most popular materials used. This is due to their clean and pure taste and the ability to be able to see when there is built up resin on the walls so you can give it a good clean out.


Just as beneficial as glass, and extremely practical, plastic bongs are often a great low price option ideal for traveling or passing around to fellow smokers.


A ceramic bong can be a thing of beautiful.  Brightly colored and cleverly designed, they make great works of art for displaying around your home. Heavier to use, so more difficult to share, a ceramic bong is designed for displaying your enthusiasm.


Bamboo water pipes offer an authentic feel.  Often made to a very high standard and finish, they offer durability and can be with you for a lifetime.


As you would expect metal bongs can last a long time, be pretty unbreakable and can be found at very affordable prices.


Here’s where it starts to get fancy. Percolator bongs are designed to give the user a smoother smoking experience. They do this by introducing a glass partition within the neck of the pipe that splits the smoke multiple times. As well as catching tars against the percolator it creates a much wider surface area within the smoke allowing the water to cool it even further, resulting in an incredibly pure hit.


Freezable bongs let you remove the internal chamber so it can be frozen and then returned to the bong. How bout that? A long lasted chill with no mess from the ice! Nice!


Perfect for sharing your smoke, get stoned together with a multi-outlet bong.  Heads together to get the best buzz, and then enjoy with your nearest and dearest.

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