Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers

Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers

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If you are a new grower, you have probably been overwhelmed by all the growing methods and literature out there.  If you do your research, however, you will find that the best way to grow marijuana is through hydroponics.  Hydroponics means that the plant grows in either a bath or a flow of highly oxygenated water that is enriched with nutrients. As a result, you get healthier plants that grow faster.  When dealing with hydroponics, however, the technicalities of the more advanced commercial systems can bog you down. You need something that is easy to maintain.

Purchasing a hydroponics farm is probably the easiest and most stress-free way of setting up your own home growing. They cost anywhere from as low as $70 all the way to $500. Here are some of the easy hydroponics systems for home growers.

  1. General Hydroponics Waterfarm

This is one of the more rudimentary hydroponics systems that are available on the market.  Each unit comes with one pot, a complete watering system, a starter of nutrients and hydroton growing medium.  The entire system will set you back about $60 with free shipping. This is a system designed for someone who grows purely for their own consumption.

Other than the fact that it does not cost much, the other advantages of this system is that it is easy to assemble and does not require an additional pump.

  1. Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System

This is one of the more inclusive hydroponic systems available in the market today. It comes with 15, five-inch grow pots, grow media, a 7.5 gallon reservoir and pump, rock wool starter cubes for your clones, a starter bottle of nutrients, a pH testing kit, and a complete set of instructions. It will cost you about $160.

This system is quite affordable if you consider all that it brings to the table.

  1. AutoPot 4pot Gravity Fed Watering System

This gravity-fed system is great for beginners. It does not take up a lot of space can be set up comfortably in a small apartment.  It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The system comes with four buckets which hold about 4 gallons each.  It is great for growing good sized cannabis, since you do not have to worry about the plants getting too big for the pots.  It costs about $250.  The disadvantage with this system is that you have to buy the grow bulbs separately and it does not come with nutrients.

  1. General Hydroponics RainForest Aeroponic System

This is a very compact system. As the name suggests, this system is a bit different from the rest.  It has an aeroponics system which oxygenates the water and nutrient solution before spraying it directly onto the plant roots. The kit comes as one system that you can start growing in immediately. This will cost you about $270.

  1. General Hydroponics Farm Controller

This is a vast improvement on the WaterFarm concept.  It is great for those with a bit more space.  This is because it comes with 8 WaterFarm systems, a large 13 gallon reservoir, and an 8 gallon control unit. It comes highly recommended by other growers. It costs $450.

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