Eating Cannabis

Eating Cannabis

Eating Cannabis
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Cannabis Grown for Hemp Seeds

Cannabis Sativa cultivated to produce hemp seeds is very different from cultivated genetics for medical cannabis.  The THC content of cannabis cultivated is less than 0.3%, and the cultivation methods are much less labor intensive to produce a wildly applicable product.

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

Cannabis Sativa produces seeds that are incredibly nutritious and versatile.  When genetics are selected for nutrition value, cannabis seeds can be a very complete and delicious food source.  The source is so complete, food scientists are exploring hemp and as a viable replacement for husbandry developed proteins to relieve the environmental strains.

Hemp seed has over 74 nutrients, including 9 essential fatty acids, which are nutrients the human body cannot synthesize itself.

The nutrients in hemp seeds have been associated with a wide variety of health benefits.  The amounts of these nutrients suggest that positive health outcomes are likely from maintaining a diet with hempseeds.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Hemp seed is high in fiber and provides a balanced amount of omega fatty acids that is believed to improve cardiovascular functionality and efficiency.  Eating hemp seeds regularly can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Digestive Benefits

A rich source of fibers, hemp is good for your gut.  It aids in maintaining gastrointestinal health with both soluble and insoluble fibers.  It helps in keeping  regular excretions.

Builds Muscle Mass

The concentration and makeup of the proteins in hemp make it an ideal supplement to contribute to adding biomass in muscles.

Treats Insomnia

The healthy portions of magnesium help to treat insomnia through regulating serotonin release and melatonin production.

Skin Benefits

Hempseed oil is highly effective at aiding immune systems in repairing skin.  I have personally experienced the benefits, as I suffer from eczema. Though it does not cure eczema, it helps in repairing what has been damaged very quickly.

Eating Cannabis Flower Raw

Producing food is one of the many commercial applications of cannabis sativa opened up by the release of low-THC Cannabis Sativa from the Controlled Substances Act.  However, the same application can frame medical or adult use cannabis.  That’s right: you can eat raw flowers.

When eaten this way, flowers are not dried and cured.  Fresh, pungent, sticky flowers only.  They could be frozen, but there would be some nutrient loss.  A full bill of vitamins must still be in tact for broadest spectrum of nutrients.

There are different spectrums of cannabinoids and terpenes that are only available without having heat applied.  These are not the compounds that deliver the typical cannabis experience; rather than what is consumed is a live, nutrient rich flower.

With new sets of cannabinoids to study,

The flavor profiles for cannabis flowers are as varied as the cannabinoid/terpene profiles within each individual plant.  But one of the unique flavors that

Medical and adult use measures that allow for personal growing of cannabis create for the potential to eat cannabis flower raw.  However, if this trend proliferates, do not be surprised if you see frozen cannabis flower at dispensaries.

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