Etiquette for Smoking Cannabis With Your Buds

With more new cannabis aficionados getting turned on to weed every day, it’s never been more appropriate to practice proper etiquette. Keeping your marijuana friendships intact isn’t exactly difficult, but if you make it a habit to Bogart the joint or be disrespectful to a dispensary owner, it probably won’t end up going well in the long run.

It’s for this reason that Lizzie Post, co-president of The Emily Post Institute, wrote “Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties” to destigmatize marijuana use and shows people that there are many different reasons to engage with cannabis. Let’s review some of the finer points that the author covered in her book that will help you up your cannabis etiquette game tenfold.

The Origins of Cannabis Etiquette

Whether you’re a longtime dabber or first-time dabbler in cannabis, certain unspoken rules have always applied to specific situations. An experienced cannabis lover may know these unspoken rules by heart, but sometimes they forget to share their wisdom with newcomers. The key is being a gracious host or attendee and guiding new cannabis individuals to understanding the rules of etiquette. Gently guiding them to know what “puff puff pass” and “left is law” means can go a long way towards making them feel comfortable in a dispensary, circle, or full-blown party.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a legalized state that allows for social consumption, you’ll find out sooner than later that the cannabis movement is based in wellness and giving that are the roots to where we’ve grown. It is for this reason that newcomers should never be put in a position by a host that they are afraid to ask, offer or sit in on a circle. They should feel welcome at all times and not feel pressured to do anything other than enjoy the moment, the company, and (most importantly) the cannabis.

Cannabis Etiquette Tips You Can Take to the Bank

Respect, generosity, gratitude, and sharing are some of the largest topics of discussion in Lizzie Post’s book, which covers a myriad of topics including the following select few.

  • Don’t be afraid to decline – Hosts should have a variety of products to match their guest’s preferences. If someone offers you a product that doesn’t match your mood or preference, politely decline. If you’re on the receiving side of this decline, you should still be accommodating and help your guest find what they prefer so that they can feel comfortable enjoying the ambiance with everybody else.
  • Be kind – When you’re presented a gift of another person’s homegrown herb. Even if it may not be your favorite strain, be courteous and thank them for their gift. Who knows, maybe sometime in the future, they might gift you a strain that you’re more particular to.

All in all, cannabis users should be mindful of their consumption habits and whether they bother people around them with clouds of smoke. Etiquette points to how people with differences can get along with each other, even if they’re not inclined to. In the end, the vast cannabis community has many different kinds of people consume cannabis for different kinds of reasons. This is why creating a more inclusive environment for newcomers, long-time smokers, and even nonsmokers to enjoy the moment require etiquette above all else.


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