Getting Baked to Get Buff

Getting Baked to Get Buff

Photo of two women doing box jumps at a gym.
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No joke! Forgot getting stoned and sitting on the couch – get high, and get active. There are a growing number of enthusiasts discovering the blissful marriage of smoking and exercising combined. Get your butt off that couch and get out. Get high, get buff!

As an App designed for bringing together fellow smokers, we know that the stereotypical stoner is much more than just a red-eyed college student, reaching for the Pringles after a session. Instead, educated, active individuals who include cannabis as part of their lifestyle are fast becoming the acceptable face of marijuana in the US today.

Cannabis enhances your performance

Weed can enhance both your physical and mental performance meaning you can get amazing results from a pre-workout blaze. If you want to understand the science behind the magic, it is because the Cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in cannabis and other plants work with the body’s endocannabinoid system to enhance energy and focus, minimize pain and quicken recovery. Who knew?

Of course, some strains work far better than others, and finding the right canna-product to compliment your workout can take some trial and error. If you are lacking motivation, try mood enhancing strains like Super Lemon Haze, Tangie and Durban Poison. If you are wanting to relieve aches and pains prior to your workout opt for a CBD strain like Harlequin, Critical Mass or Tsunami crosses with lower percentages THC, to help relieve pain without getting you too mashed to move.

Get Active

Not everyone wants to sweat it out in the gym, but there are tons of other activities that work well with a smoke. Here are our favorites:


Make a day of it. Grab your CBD and settle down for a smoke at the top of the summit. Perfect stoner fun and good for you too. Burning calories before and after burning your blunt is a great way to keep active, keep in shape and to keep your inner hippie happy with some stunning scenery.


Real dancing, not the kind you participate in after a beer binge, is a fun total body workout. Zumba, pole, samba or capoeira, hip hop or ballet, dance classes or free styling it out – dance is a great way to stay in shape. Dancing is a good cardio workout, and tones stubborn areas like thighs and butts. It is also, fun – especially after a smoke. Feel the music, and get moving.

Yoga or Fitness Classes

Indoor or outdoor, organized physical fitness classes are a great way to stay focused on your workout, get a bit competitive and get to know other likeminded individuals. Group exercise is also a great way to enhance both your physical and mental wellbeing. Enjoying a toke before you take part will keep you focused and enhance your enjoyment of the class. Try yoga for a body shaping wind down, or high intensity cardio workouts to get your blood pumping.

However you choose to lose pounds, cannabis can be the perfect workout buddy when used carefully to enhance your exercise experience. So what are you waiting for? Go…now!

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