Cannabis Subscription Boxes

You have just got home after a long day of work craving the relaxing feeling of weed.  Then, oops!  You are out of rolling paper or your vaporizer is too dirty to use. You start wishing “if only there was a weed supply delivery service?” But there is.

Just like we have clothes, flowers, chocolate, and tech subscription boxes, nowadays there are marijuana subscription boxes.  These boxes are packed with weed-themed goodies. However, because weed is still illegal under federal law, these boxes do not come with actual weed.

Many companies offer these subscription boxes.  The contents of the boxes are most of the time worth the monthly fee.

Here are five cannabis subscription boxes we consider to be the best in the market.

  1. Daily High Club

Dollar High Club rebranded to Daily High Club. It still delivers high-quality weed goodies. They have different monthly subscription boxes. The All-Natural Box, which costs $1 and ships for $2, has papers, tips, wick, matches, and a hemp-based cord. The other two boxes are the Connoisseur at $12 a month, and the El Primo at $30 a month. The former has 7-9 curated products while the latter has $80-worth of curated goodies.

  1. Hemper Box

Hemper offers four weed subscription box options. The cheapest is the Bare Essentials, priced at $0.99. Its contents are a clipper lighter, filter tips, king-sized rolling papers, and one mystery item. The Hemper Box, priced at $19.99, has all the contents of the Glassessentials Box, at $29.99, but for the glass item. The contents of these two boxes vary every month.

  1. 420 Goody Box

The 420 Goody Box is the most popular weed subscription box. The company offers 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months subscription plans. The pricing starts at $29.98 per month. They also have premium boxes for the hard stoners, at $79.98 per month. The box itself is very colorful, and the contents are pretty awesome. You can expect to find cool items such as the 420 Vaporizer for wax and herb, Falize mint dark chocolate bar, Randy’s Black Label cleaning solution, and 420 Goody Box Sunglasses.

  1. Sensi Box

Do you smoke with your better half? Sensi Box customizes the contents to suit the needs of the male stoner and the female stoner. The ‘For Him’ Sensi Box might feature things like aftershave and a pair of adorned HUG socks. The ‘For Her’ Sensi Box will sport cannabis-themed jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. Also, you get two glass pieces in each box. The pricing starts at $35 a month with the option of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions.

  1. CannaBake Box

The first thing you will love about the CannaBake Box is the inconspicuous packaging. With this subscription box, you can expect goodies such as post-puffing edibles, a piece of glass and a wide assortment of other goodies any stoner will treasure. They also provide super edibles recipes. The box costs $29 per month.

Indeed, you have a lot of options to choose from. The subscription boxes we have recommended above are a sure-fire way of enhancing your weed consumption and fanaticism experience.

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