An Overview On Pairing Beer And Cannabis

If you like to get high or if you attend to a party, you are likely to find both beer and weed on offer. Now, if you’re like most people, you’ll want to indulge in both. And most people do it all the time. However, is it ok to mix the two, what happens when you do, and is there a particular order you should follow when pairing these two? Discover the answers to these questions below.

Beer + Weed combo

Mixing beer and Cannabis is said to provide an exquisite high that cannot be obtained by taking just one of these ingredients. Some people call it the crossfade. However, it works differently for most people. In some cases, the combo will make you really hyper or really high. And in some cases, it will make you really mellow. All these differences are due to the many variables in the equation; there are the different types of beer and alcohol concentrations, the different strains of Cannabis, and the amounts of each that you partake in.

Drinking and then smoking pot

This would seem like the default way to approach this combo. But going by feedback from the public and people in various forums online, not many people can handle this approach. Most report that drinking and then smoking pot brings about the spins, sweats, as well as feelings of nausea. It doesn’t sound like something you’d want to get into. And yet, there are a few who claim that this is their cup of tea. How about that?

Taking weed and then drinking beer

A lot of people support this approach when it comes to pairing beer and weed. They opt to smoke pot first and once they get a little buzzed they start to drink. They claim that this tones down their high and allows them to level out much better. If you are looking to pair beer and weed for the first time, this would seem like the safer approach going by the majority. Of course, there are a few who say that this methodology doesn’t work for them; each to their own.

Side effects to watch out for

If you pair beer and weed in a manner that does not agree with your anatomy, you are bound to endure a few side-effects. But don’t worry; it’s nothing that a little rest won’t cure. Most of the reported side effects include a spinning head, vomiting, nausea, extreme highs, hallucinations, and sweating.

Finding the right balance

The one thing that comes out clearly in this whole pairing experience is that people react differently to mixing beer and annabis. And as mentioned earlier, there are many variables at play here. The best approach is to find what works for you. Take it slow and slowly pair different Cannabis strains with your favorite beers until you find a working formula.

For more info on how to pair your cannabis with beer, check out this article on Leafly. It will provide you with an in-depth look at what strains and flavors are best paired with what beers.

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