Recreational For Newbies

Recreational For Newbies

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The US is now almost ‘a cannabis country.’  About 70 million of Americans live in the 8 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Actually, half of the country has some laws allowing the use of cannabis. The implication of this data is that there are more people, including you, contemplating on trying cannabis for the first time. This post is for you who wants to learn the basics of weed and its consumption.

Cannabis Strains

Before you use cannabis, you need to understand the 2 types of strains available and which of the two will work best for you.

Sativa strains are derived from the cannabis sativa plants. These strains are popular as they provide a mind high, which users claim to be uplifting. They provide energy and increase focus. Actually, they are used to treat depression.

Indica strains are derived from the Cannabis Indica plants. These strains provide a body high which makes users sleepy and relaxed. Indica strains are used in medicine to treat insomnia, pain, and anxiety.

A combination of these two strains is called a hybrid. Such strains combine the benefits of both strains. There are three types of hybrids: Indica dominant, Sativa dominant and even hybrids. A Sativa dominant strain will increase creativity and does not induce drowsiness. An Indica dominant strain is the perfect painkiller. An even hybrid has equal Sativa and Indica properties.

How marijuana works

Marijuana contains cannabinoids. There are about 80 cannabinoids in marijuana. The one responsible for ‘the high’ is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It relieves pain but also causes short-term memory loss. The other cannabinoid prevalent in marijuana, and popular for its medicinal properties, is cannabidiol (CBD). It has antioxidant properties, relieves pain, and treats anxiety. It has also been cited to help with seizures.

Instead of smoking, inhale

The conventional method of consuming cannabis is smoking. Even though it does not have the adverse respiratory effects of tobacco, it can still cause lung cancer. That is why most people are seeking alternative ways of consuming weed.

The best alternative to smoking flower is vaporizing. Some vaporizers heat cannabis strains to the point where they produce vapor. However, most use cannabis concentrates for these today. Cannabis concentrates vary in composition of cannabinoids. The bottom line is, they are stronger, and in the correct cannabinoid composition, have many health benefits. They come in powder form or waxes and oils.

Due to the high concentration of cannabinoids, newbies should first try weaker concentrates and gradually work their way up.

You can eat cannabis

There are all kinds of cannabis edibles. The most popular are baked goods. However, you can try cannabis candy, soda, beer, and even 420 oatmeal. Visit a pot shop and you will be amazed at the cannabis edibles options you have. If you can think it, there is probably a cannabis variation of it.

Like the weed concentrates, do not quickly go for edibles with high levels of THC to avoid experiencing an intense high. We recommend eating one bite-size every half.

Please be mindful of state laws before consuming cannabis.  Also, mind your surroundings. Do not use cannabis in the presence of children and ask before partaking at a friend’s house.

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