Rub It Better With Cannabis Topicals

You can smoke it, you can eat it and now you can rub it in too!   We all know that cannabis offers relief from a wide variety of ailments, but did you know that you don’t actually have to inhale or ingest it to enjoy it?

Cannabis topicals provide the perfect solution for individuals looking to enjoy the health benefits of herb without having to take it in.

What Are “Topicals”

Simply put – it’s an all-encompassing word that covers creams, lotions, oils and salves.  From moisturizing cream to lip balm – it’s all there.

The feel good factor of THC and CBD on the endocannabinoid system have meant that cannabis is slowly appearing in more and more cosmetic and skincare products, to help us take care of the wonderful organ that is our skin.

How Do Topicals Work?

Firstly, they act fast!  Unlike smoking or ingesting which can take a while for you body to feel the effects, a topical is absorbed directly onto the affected area leading to immediate relief.

They offer a minimally evasive method and are non-psychoactive, perfect for those among us who want the benefits without the high. Apply them liberally though, because your skins low absorption rate will need a good amount of gear to get working.

It is also worth noting that topicals contain a fairly high dosage of CBN or CBD to make them effective.  As CBD contents are much higher in hemp, more topicals include this more viable and less toxic source of CBD.  So be label wary, if it is hemp cream and not cannabis cream – it’s likely to be just as effective.

Medicinal Properties

Marijuana topicals are most often used to treat localized pain and soreness.  They can help with skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and itching, as well as helping to relieve headaches and cramping. Both THCA and CBD have anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve swelling, pain and stiffness.

Cannabinoids also provide serious antioxidant benefits, perhaps, even more powerful than vitamins A, C and E, making them great for helping to alleviate the signs of aging and keeping skin taut.

Topical’s that combine both hemp seed oil and activated cannabis are perfect for boosting cell production to create a protective layer to enhance elasticity and retain water. This means your skin, hair and nails will all look better from a bit of the green.

So whether you want to ease those aching temples, or hold back the effects of aging, cannabis topicals are the way forward for you.  Rub liberally, and enjoy.

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