person holding large slab of shatter

How to Make Shatter

There are a lot of articles on the internet advertising “easy ways to make shatter at home”. These blog posts are typically deceptive at best and straight up dishonest at

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block of moroccan hash

How to Make Hash

Hash is the original cannabis concentrate – Traditionally made from kief and bits of trim hashish has long been an easy and convenient method for both smoking and transporting marijuana,

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a finger of hash

How to Smoke Hash

Hash (also known as hashish) is a little different from other concentrates, and can be a little confusing for the newcomer or those already accustomed to other types of marijuana

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cannabis wax

What Is THC Wax?

Thick, sticky and ready to be used in the vaporizing unit of your choice, THC wax is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates on the market. Boasting particularly high

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cannabis dabs

How to Smoke Dabs

Falling somewhere between smoking a bong and vaporizing, using a dab rig is a relatively easy and smooth way of taking in a cannabis concentrate. Typically, if you know somebody

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The Latest And Greatest Vapes

The cannabis industry has heavily embraced technology.  And one of the benefits has been the development of vapes.  While some cannabis enthusiasts are purists who enjoy smoking ‘traditionally’, either due

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Concentrates vs. Buds

Concentrates vs. Buds

As many US states legalize cannabis, enthusiasts are trying to discover as much as they can about the plant.  Among the most debated topics is whether concentrates are better than

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