Tips On How To Incorporate Cannabis Into A Wedding

Tips On How To Incorporate Cannabis Into A Wedding

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The applications of pot are vast and they continue to grow every day. One common theme that isn’t going to change any time soon is that of tokers getting high whenever they get together, especially if there’s a celebration to be had. And this begs the question – how about incorporating weed into a wedding? Think it would be a good idea? Here are some suggestions for you to think about.


Indica rolls to cool the nerves in the morning

At the early onset of a wedding, both the groom and the bride experience a case of the jitters. Admittedly, this might be more pronounced where the groom is concerned. One functional way to incorporate pot into a wedding, therefore, is to help cool the nerves of either one of the wedding partners. After all, Cannabis, especially the Indica trains does help to keep people relaxed. A quick smoke for either might do a lot of good at this point – maybe even save the wedding.


Tasty edible treats for the willing

A wedding is a joyous occasion. And one thing people like to do when celebrating is to indulge in sweet, tasty treats. That said, how about tasty edibles infused with any preferred strain of Cannabis – preferably Sativa or hybrids? You can order chocolates, brownies, sweets, cookies, cupcakes, etc. Just make sure they are not laced with Indica lest the partakers turn into ‘zombies’ at the reception. The right effect should be to get people to let loose, laugh more, and be happy.


Pot-infused lunch

Edibles aside, you could decide to serve your Cannabis through a more traditional fashion – lunch. This is ideal only where all the guests are willing to get a little buzzed. By adding Cannabis extracts to some of the meals on offer, guests can add as many servings of the laced meal as they like. And because consumed weed takes time to kick in, it will be exciting to see how it all turns out once everyone starts to get high.


A Cannabis wedding cake

One piece of confectionary that is never missing from a wedding is the cake. So if you really want to add pot to your wedding in a big and memorable way, how about a Cannabis wedding cake? Now that would get tongues wagging and make for a great story down the line. The cake in question can be flavored in any way you like, e.g. chocolate, Vanilla, etc. Just specify how potent you want it to be and forewarn your guests not to eat too much of it.

Sativa to get the guests hyped for the after party


If you’re planning an after party, some Cannabis Sativa or a hybrid variety would be ideal to get everyone hyped. The best way to serve the pot at this stage is through joints. Let the willing smoke it up or even dab some shatter. Once your guests are hyped up, you can be sure the after party will be like no other.


A word of caution though, make sure that you get the strains right in order to enjoy the expected reactions. Also make sure that all those who partake know what they are getting into. And lastly, keep the THC levels low. It’s better to get buzzed than to get toked out, especially on a wedding.

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