Understanding The Anatomy Of The Cannabis Plant

If you’re going to get intimate with the cannabis plant, which you most likely have been doing, then it is only right that you understand the plant as well. Do you know which parts of the plant you smoke?  Do you know what the rest of the parts are and their functions? If not then you’re in for some education.  Read on to learn more about cannabis plant anatomy.

The overall plant

Cannabis plants can be male, female or bearing both sexes (hermaphrodite). Male plants are shunned upon because they do not produce an abundance of Cannabinoid-rich buds. However, they are vital for reproduction when creating new strains. The female plants are more popular because they produce a mound of buds that are harvested to produce the cannabis that is smoked, dabbed, used in food, applied in medicine, and used to make extracts.


But that is not where the differences end. Both the Indica and Sativa strains of the plant look different. Indicas are short and shrub-like, while Sativas and long and stalky.


The stem

The stem of the cannabis plant is simple; it’s smooth and thin. The stem holds the flowers and the leaves upright to a position where the plant can receive enough sunshine and attract pollination agents.


The leaves

The leaves of the Cannabis plant are quite popular, iconic even. The Cannabis plant produces five or seven leaves held together by a thin branch emanating from the stem. Some plants will even produce eight or seven leaves. The leaves are oval-shaped and future serrated edges. Although the leaves are not harvested for medical or recreation use, they serve the important role of collecting sunlight and enabling the plant to produce nutrition.


The flowers

The flowers of the Cannabis plant are the main focus of its growth and popularity. Here is where we find the different parts that produce Cannabinoids. They include:


  • The buds/Calyx

The buds of the Cannabis plant are also called the Calyx, they are difficult to distinguish independently because they look like a tangled mass of fleshy leaves. These hold the major percentage of the trichomes within the entire flower.


  • The Cola

The Cola is a collection of buds (Calyx). When most people talk about the buds of the Cannabis plant, this is what they are talking about, not knowing that it’s not one, but many buds. Colas are found at the top most part of the female plant. Through genetic engineering, growers can tweak their plants to yield more colas.


  • The stigma/pistil

The pistil or the stigma is a standard part in any flower. It’s colorful and responsible for attracting pollinating agents as well as receiving pollen so as to fertilize the flowers. In Cannabis plants, the pistils are long, coiled strands found around the buds. They bear orange, yellow, white or brown colors.


  • The trichomes

The trichomes are a very crucial part of the Cannabis flower. They are translucent glands that coat the entire flower, especially the buds. They secrete a resin that contains the Cannabinoids and THC that goes to make extracts and to give users the high they are looking for.

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