Unique Gifts for Tokers

Whether you’re shopping for someone you’ve just met or you’re celebrating some life event, there may come a time when buying a gift is appropriate. However, buying for your favorite toker may not always be the easiest. Not everyone likes or uses all smoking apparatus, so we put together a unique list of gifts for the toker in your life, making it easy. Ready? “Puff, puff, give!

    Smokeless Tokers or Vape Pen

    Grinders

    Lighters

    A High There T-Shirt

    Smell Proof Stash Bag

Smokeless tokers and vape pens, make ideal gifts for those who aren’t fond of filling the air with fragrant clouds. These unique tokens can show your 420-friendly guests of honor how much you care about both their buzz and their environment. You can pick these devices up in smoke shops or online by doing a quick search. Impress your guest with elegant vapor pen designs and more. A great discreet gift for endless enjoyment.

Grinders are excellent additions to any stash collection. While some strains are rather sticky when breaking flowers apart, grinders make a consistency with tobacco making the smoke more pleasant and making your product last longer. Giving one of these bomb-ass gifts just shows you care. Search on Pinterest for great e-commerce store deals.

Who can’t use a fresh lighter as one of their cannabis essentials? The answer is… everyone! Don’t pass up great deals on Amazon and eBay.

For dynamite looking t-shirts with innovative green-friendly messages and logos check out our online shop. Don’t forget to tweet out to them, letting them know you got the tip from the “High There” app.

Lastly, your bestie will adore a smell proof stash bag. Your recipient may not want to advertise they’re well stocked in their favorite brand. These cool looking stash bags are made with the material preventing the sweet smell from filling the halls to the whole dorm, or office. This gift is so cool; you’ll want one for yourself.

These are just a few of the best presents or items you can give helping support both your friend and your community. We love it when people leave comments on more ideas for great Mary Jane knick-knacks so feel free to drop us a line.

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