Why are Pet Owners Suddenly Flocking to Cannabis and CBD products?

Why are Pet Owners Suddenly Flocking to Cannabis and CBD products?

CDB use for pets
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You can’t deny it: some pet owners do some pretty wacky things for/to their pets.  From dressing them up as princesses to carrying them around in strollers, and even feeding them top notch food and drinks that even royalty might think is too boujie, sometimes it can be a little over the top.  But, as any pet owner will tell you, their pets are anything but a “pet”; they’re a member of the family that is treated similar to a child rather than a four-legged companion.  This way of life has led pet owners to look for unique treatment options to supplement their pet’s vet visits and high-class diets.

Enter Cannabidiol (otherwise known as CBD).  Don’t get CBD and cannabis confused because studies have shown that the raw cannabis flower can be toxic to dogs.  On the other hand, recent studies on CBD have shown positive benefits on helping animals relieve their stress, anxiety, pain, and discomfort from a variety of ailments.  Follow along as we fetch you some more details on why CBD is so big for pets right now and what you should be on the lookout for if you’re interested in experimenting with CBD products for your pet(s).

Recent Studies on the Effects of CBD on Animals

Pet supplies is one of the fastest growing sectors in the CBD market thanks to recent studies and surveys done in many states across the nation.  In a survey of 632 consumers in Colorado, 93% showed confidence in CBD pet treats, saying that they were equal or better than standard pet medications or therapies.  A 2018 clinical trial of 16 dogs with epilepsy by Colorado State University found that 89% who received CBD experienced a reduction in their epileptic seizures.  This trial has been cited both as a reason to continue similar clinical trials and for the development and public use of CBD pet products.  It has also led to an increase in clinical veterinarian understanding of the effects of CBD as a 2019 study found that in a survey of 2,130 veterinarians, 61.5% felt comfortable discussing the use of CBD with their colleagues.

What’s Best for My Pet? CBD Oils or Treats?

Medical grade cannabis for pets typically comes in liquid oil or edible treat varieties.  Liquids may be preferable because the dosing can be accurately controlled.  However, you decide to treat your pets with CBD, make sure to never use smoked cannabis or edibles as they are impossible to dose accurately and may contain ingredients that are toxic to animals.

Safe and effective use of cannabis requires an understanding of the milligram (mg) amounts of THC and CBD as well as the availability of medicines in concentrations appropriate for veterinarian dosing.  The ratios of THC to CBD frequently range from as high as 20:1, to even ratios (1:1), to 1:20.  The decision of which product or ratio to use for a pet with pain/inflammation often depends on the severity of the pain and its origin.  Make sure to consult your veterinarian for the appropriate dosages and concentrations to utilize that correspond to your pet’s specific symptom(s).

The Dangers of Pets Ingesting Raw Cannabis

In the end, the goal with any type of cannabis therapy with pets is to relieve their symptoms without altering any of their normal patterns of behavior.  When using any type of cannabis (even CBD) as medicine for pets, the first thing to remember is that any significant side effects are unacceptable.  No matter if it’s medical grade cannabis, getting your pets stoned is never OK.  If your pet ends up displaying symptoms of vomiting, twitches, incontinence and difficulty with mobility, make sure to inform your veterinarian immediately.

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