Assessing The Quality Of Your Marijuana

For the longest time ever, weed was illegal in most states. And thus, there were no channels through which shortchanged buyers could seek redress or even come out and speak about their unfair purchases. However, the winds have changed now. And whether its medical marijuana or recreational pot, buyers now have the opportunity to vent when sold poor quality weed or to celebrate when the opposite happens. Basically, just like any other industry, marijuana buyers have to be aware of the quality of the weed they buy.

Why is this important?

Marijuana users have great need to be aware of the quality of their Cannabis for a number of important reasons;

  1. Recent cases/occurrences have shown that many people are lamenting having being sold poor quality marijuana, even from dispensaries. The cases are just but a small fraction but they are enough to raise eyebrows in the industry.
  2. Legal loopholes and inadequacies make it slightly difficult for marijuana users in the industry to seek full redress or legal action.
  3. Criminal elements in the industry from yester-years when weed was illegal still operate in the industry and may practice unfair trade from time to time.
  4. Lack of enough oversight makes it difficult for authorities to ascertain the quality of the marijuana being sold in dispensaries and stores.
  5. Inability to assess marijuana quality among users makes most amateur buyers easy prey.
  6. Health risks associated with consuming poor quality marijuana make this topic an important one for all tokers.
What to do

To safeguard yourself (and your hard-earned money), there are a number of things you can do when buying marijuana:

  • Go to licensed dispensaries/stores. These are more likely to operate more professionally both in terms of their service and their products as well. After all, they are legal entities and the owners would not risk losing their licenses or getting prosecuted.
  • Watch out for the most popular marijuana dispensaries/stores. Popularity among outlets signifies quality service. That is, if more people are going to certain stores then it must mean that those stores are offering great services.

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