Legal In Vegas Your Favorite Herb

Rolling into tight circles as they all line up under the bright lights of Las Vegas. The Friday night revelry is littered with party buses and limousines as more people continue to stretch down around dispensaries. The night is not a typical partying night in the nightclub; the air is filled with unusual excitement! Guess what’s now legal in Vegas…..

Yes! Marijuana; the herb of wisdom.

You can now smoke it, lick it, feel it and even share it, but before you light up your favorite sweet sticky herb and allow the buzz to set in, here are some things you need to know. (obviously, you wouldn’t want the law to come in between you and the magical experience).

It’s not legal for everyone, neither is it legal to smoke it anywhere.

1.  You should be 21 years and above to buy an ounce of pot.

Also, you must have a valid government ID to purchase recreational marijuana. However, if you want to buy medical marijuana, you must produce a marijuana card. You can get a marijuana card from specific doctors in your state. To get the card:

  • Fill out a registry request and along with the mail send a money order or a check of $25. The cash is payable to the Division of Behavioral and Public health.
  • Get an approval from a Vegas licensed physician.
2.  You’ll be colliding with the law if you’re caught smoking cannabis along the strip.

Legally, you are only to consume pot in your private property.  Smoking it in the casino, therefore, will only attract a fine so curl up on your couch, or better still in the compound if you like, and get all baked up!

3.  You shouldn’t smoke and drive.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and will result in a fine, a potential jail time or community service. To find out if someone is under the influence of pot, law enforcement officials will request a blood sample, a urine sample or a failed sobriety test. For you to be safe, the urine sample should not be more than 14 nanograms per milliliters of bud metabolite, and the blood sample shouldn’t show more than 4 nanograms per milliliter of the bud metabolite. So to be safe, don’t smoke and drive.

4.  If you are a non-resident in Vegas, you can enjoy marijuana.

However, for you to purchase bud, you need to have a marijuana card from your state that is up to date. You must also abide by Nevada’s rules regarding the set quotas for recreation marijuana and possession of medical marijuana. There are purchase limits. If you’re purchasing for recreational purposes, you can buy up to up to one ounce of cannabis flower, and if you prefer cannabis concentrate, you can buy up to 1/8 of an ounce. If you’re buying for medical purposes and you have a valid marijuana card, you are allowed to buy up to 2.5 ounces worth of usable cannabis.

Las Vegas is internationally popular for its major resorts, fine dining, shopping, the glittering casinos, entertainment, and an exorbitant nightlife. It’s no wonder it got the nickname ‘’the entertainment capital of the world.’’

Many things are legal are in Vegas including gambling, strip clubs, and now cannabis!

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