Beauty Products & Cannabis

Beauty Products & Cannabis

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While weed is most popular for smoking and vaporing, it is gaining popularity in the beauty industry as well, especially clothing and cosmetics, thanks to women. Scientists have found out that cannabis can be used to make effective and harm-free beauty products, which have reportedly led to various health benefits. Cannabis is best grown naturally, in greenhouses or out in the yard. The hemp of the cannabis plant is industrially used to manufacture eco-friendly beauty products.

Legality of Cannabis Beauty Products

Cannabis has had legality issues ever since it was discovered. However, while smoking weed has faced consistent resistance in legalizing it, hemp beauty products, on the other hand, although very slowly, have had a rather smoother ride in comparison. The legality of the products has been rising in most states in the U.S.

According to the Agricultural Act of 2014, industrial hemp farming was legalized as long as the cannabis maintained a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level of 0.3%. That level of THC does not give the high effect of weed, but it still maintains all other health benefits. The government acceptance of hemp products has promoted acceptance of commercial cannabis products by the public.

Beauty Products from Cannabis

  1. Lip Balm

Hemp is used to manufacture lip balms. The lip balms are effective in healing and restoring dry and cracked lips. They are easily accessible in legal states, as they are massively manufactured by giant cosmetic companies such as The Body Shop.

  1. Concealers and Foundations

These natural facial skin products from hemp are reaction-free and eco-friendly, going for as cheap as $24. However, they are only available for specific skin tones.

  1. Beauty Soaps

Hemp beauty soaps with glycerin are gaining popularity across most legalized states. Facial skin is sensitive, with most people reacting to scented soaps. Hemp beauty soaps are made from 100% natural cannabis, and no, they don’t leave you smelling like marijuana.

  1. Massage Oil

Hemp massage oil is a great substitute for normal olive massage oil. It is effective in pain relief for sore muscles. It is ideal for use in spas.

  1. Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

These hair products are 100% natural, making them vegan-friendly. The oil from hemp seeds is rich in Omega, ideal for strengthening hair and leaving it moisturized, soft and shiny. Hemp shampoo and conditioners retail from $14.

  1. Acne Care

Legalized beauty skin companies like Skinvisible have been authorized to manufacture special acne creams from transdermal hemp. The product heals skin and allows it to breathe, free from facial oils.

  1. Face, Hand and Foot Creams

Hemp moisturizers are great, whether for tender facial skin, calloused heels or cracked hand skin. They are available in most if not all legalized states. Prices will differ from companies, but they generally range from $8 to $16.

  1. Eye Liner

Cannabis enthusiast online shopping malls like Etsy sell a variety of eye liners of different shades and thicknesses, from various manufacturers.

  1. Body Butter

Hemp body butter is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to normal body lotions. They are also easy on mosquito bites and freshly shaved skin. From $17, it proves to be pocket-friendly.

If you enjoy smoking, dabbing or eating weed, you might also love using Cannabis beauty products. Try it out!

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