Cool Products For Your Camping Trip

If you are planning a camping trip within a 420 friendly campsite, you will quickly learn that nothing beats enjoying a toke (or edibles) while surrounded by nature. With more states legalizing or reducing restrictions, on recreational marijuana use; every stoner needs to experience the sensation of enjoying their favorite marijuana products surrounded by nature. As with every wilderness excursion, you need to plan beforehand to ensure that you have fun on your camping trip. Here are four products that will enable you to responsibly enjoy some Cannabis in the wild.

  1. The lighter bro

The lighter bro is a BIC lighter that has been designed for outdoor use. The lighter is made from hardened stainless steel which makes it resistant to bumps and scrapes that might put a lesser lighter out of commission. The lighter bro is, however, more than just a resilient lighter. It comes with additional fixtures such as a knife, a screwdriver, scissors, and a bottle opener. The scissors are particularly helpful for when you are cutting and trimming your bud. Even if you are not an avid pot smoker, the lighter bro has enough functionality to be useful for any outdoor activity. Available on the lighterbro.com website and in most outdoor supply outlets, the lighter bro costs $12.99. And if you need more functionality you can spring for the pro version that costs $19.99

  1. The Roll-Uh-Bowl  

If your preferred marijuana delivery system is the bong, you might have a bad experience with your ‘usual’ fragile glass bong when camping. The roll-uh-bowl’s best selling point is its durability and the simplicity in its design. At first sight, it looks like those ‘budget’, low quality plastic bongs; this cannot be further from the truth. The roll-uh-bowl is made of silicone which is strong, light, and non-toxic to the environment. The bong can also be folded for easier packing which increases its portability. It can be purchased at roll-uh-bowl.com at the affordable price of $34.99. And its durability means that you can get years of service from your purchase.

  1. Anonymous Bags

One of the problems that marijuana enthusiasts face when packing their weed products and paraphernalia is that the smell can permeate through your entire luggage. Even the most hardcore stoner does not want all their clothes and camping supplies to constantly smell of weed. Anonymous bags have a smell suppression system that allows you to store your cannabis products and paraphernalia separately before placing them into your luggage. This ensures that the marijuana smell does not leak through to the rest of your luggage. You can get anonymous bags in various sizes, starting from $14.99 on leafly.com.

  1. RAW Natural Rolling Papers

As a responsible nature lover, you should ensure that you do not pollute the wild places that you camp in. If you enjoy smoking your cannabis as a blunt, you should be aware that ‘standard’ rolling paper is made from processed paper and might impact the environment negatively if left on campsites. RAW natural rolling papers are made from eco-friendly, non-processed materials such as hemp and can be purchased cheaply from most outlets that sell cannabis products.

The key to enjoying cannabis on a camping trip is to bring the right equipment and to responsibly protect the environment that you are camping in. Use the High There! app to meet 420 friends to meet up with. Camping is always great with a group of like-minded individuals!  And with these cool products, you’ll be way ahead of the curve!

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